Tailored to customer demands, the new DX165W-5 is designed to ensure it performs on your job site just like our other legendary models:

  • Developed on the DX160W-5 platform, with its exclusive wheel base of 2800 mm and fitted with a short swing radius (1850 mm). This ensures an optimal centre of gravity and an ideal weight distribution for excellent stability for maximum performance & lifting capacities.
  • Featured with the extremely precise, powerful & smooth digger control required for trenching & lifting work.
  • Equipped with the acclaimed Doosan cab comfort, space & controllability.
  • Delivers extra power, and with strong design and construction, while ensuring lowest fuel consumption, easy service & best return on investment.


Operating weight
16,500 kg
Perkins 1204F
Engine power
102.1 kW / 137 HP at 2200 RPM
Main pumps max flow
2 x 170 l/min
Number of cylinders
Travel speed (High / Eco / Low / Creep)
37 / 32 / 10 / 3.5 km/h
Maximum traction force
10,000 kg
0.24 - 0.76 m³
Sound level (internal / external)
71 dB(A) / 101 dB(A)
Overall width
2490 mm
Tail swing radius
1850 mm
Overall height ( Arti boom)
3284 mm
Overall length ( Arti boom)
7934 mm
Bucket digging force
114.9 kN
Arm digging force (Std Front)
67.7 kN
Max. digging reach ( Arti boom)
8670 mm
Max. digging depth ( Arti boom)
5455 mm
Max. digging height ( Arti boom)
9565 mm


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The Cab features offered as standard are among the best in the market and include:
-    Outstanding comfort,
-    Ease-of-operation, thanks to extra ergonomics,
-    Super controllability & precision with short & low stroke joysticks,
-    Flow & pressure of the auxiliary lines controlled directly from the cab − plus, a new system enabling the 2-way lines to be used either from joystick or with pedal,
-    Exclusive wheel base of 2800 mm fitted with a short swing radius (1850 mm)
-    Extra power, while ensuring lowest fuel consumption
-    The DX165W-5 is the most powerful machine in the market − with highest traction force, best in bucket/arm forces, and with highest hydraulic capacity.
-    The DX165W-5 also outclasses every direct competitor in lifting performances.