With its reinforced chassis & heavy-duty specific axles, expect the best return on your investment. The DX160W-5 takes even the heaviest tasks in its stride with efficient, dependable performance that saves you time and money. Increased digging power, lifting capacities and speed combine to deliver performance you can rely on day after day. Improved fuel efficiency means you can keep costs down and reduce the environmental impact.

Operating weight
16,000 kg
Doosan DL06P
Engine power
102.2 kW / 137 HP at 2000 RPM
Main pumps max flow
2 x 170 l/min
Number of cylinders
Travel speed (High / Eco / Low / Creep)
37 / 32 / 10 / 3.5 km/h
Maximum traction force
8100 kg
0.24 - 0.76 m³
Sound level (internal / external)
70 dB(A) / 101 dB(A)
Overall width
2500 mm
Tail swing radius
2205 mm
Overall height (Mono / Arti boom)
3242 mm / 3242 mm
Overall length (Mono / Arti boom)
7420 mm / 8010 mm
Bucket digging force
10.2 t
Arm digging force (Std Front)
6.69 t
Max. digging reach (Mono / Arti boom)
7585 mm / 8210 mm
Max. digging depth (Mono / Arti boom)
4490 mm / 5025 mm
Max. digging height (Mono / Arti boom)
8195 mm / 9060 mm


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Reinforced chassis & ZF heavy-duty specific axles.

The Cab features offered as standard are among the best in the market and include:
-    Outstanding comfort,
-    Ease-of-operation, thanks to extra ergonomics,
-    Super controllability with short & low stroke joysticks,
-    Flow & pressure of the auxiliary lines controlled directly from the cab − plus, a new system enabling the 2-way lines to be used either from joystick or with pedal,
-    The jog shuttle switch is currently an exclusive feature worldwide.

Only supplier offering a 6 cylinder engine in this class. You'll be amazed by the difference it makes and how low the fuel consumption is! Testing is adopting it!
-    Strongest digging performance in the market
-    Best-in-class lifting performance
-    The highest hydraulic flow for better performance and controllability
-    The longest wheel base on the market for stability and driving performance
-    Fuel consumption is an average of 10% lower than previous model
-    Traction force is 5% greater, thanks to new setting