High productivity and Fuel economy – Doosan’s DNA

The fully automatic transmission — with 3 selectable transmission modes — uses a vehicle control unit, so the engine’s computer and transmission control system constantly communicate with each other to reduce fuel consumption and increase performance.

Operators can choose between 3 engine modes − by simply pushing a button to toggle between the modes − to adjust performance to the application and work with the right balance of power and fuel economy.

Operating weight
13.545 kg
Bucket capacity
2,4 m³
Engine type
6 cylinders – EU Stage IV compliant
Max. engine performance (SAE J1995 gross)
172 hp (128 kW) at 2.100 RPM
Max. torque
804 Nm at 1400 rpm
Static tipping load (straight / at full turn)
11.135 kg / 9.835 kg
Height at bucket pivot point (Standard lift / High lift)
3.858 mm / 4.302 mm
Breakout force
107 kN
Standard tyres
20.5 R25
3.010 mm
Turning radius (tyre side / bucket edge)
5.475 mm / 6.045 mm
Overall length
7.475 mm
Overall height
3.280 mm


  • Stage IV compliant, without DPF.
  • Combination of productivity and fuel economy.
  • 3 engine modes to suit your application’s needs perfectly.
  • Available with 3 types of lift arm (Z-Bar, High Lift or Tool Carrier) − combines versatility with exceptional strength to perform at the highest level.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

Spacious and comfortable cab − because operator comfort is at the very centre of Doosan’s design priorities.

- Generous head room and an ultra-comfortable, fully adjustable, heated with double air suspension seat (vertical and horizontal)
- Steering column design provides more clearance for the operator’s legs and knees.
- Steering wheel can also be tilted and moved telescopically to match the operator’s preferred position.


5.7-inch full-colour LCD panel, suitable for day and night work.

- User-friendly monitor provides a full readout of machine settings and maintenance data with 2 customisable screen displays to suit the operator’s preference. 

Rear-view camera greatly enhances visibility and safety
- The screen in the cab shows the operator what the camera sees and includes several lines to help judge distances
- Other functions include light intensity control, viewing angle control, language setting and power on/off setting.


Easy access for maintenance

- Additional oil sampling ports to improve preventive maintenance procedures.
- Various fluid pressures can now be monitored from the dash panel in the cab.

Number of advanced features − available only as options on other machines on the market − are offered as standard by Doosan.