DL200-3 "New"

Strength and intelligence – a winning combination
Exceptional power combined with the finest workmanship results in a machine that will perform at the highest level. The DL200-3 & DL250-3 enhance your output from every angle. Impressive digging power and high traction make penetration easy and allow you to tackle the hardest materials. Work is quick and efficient with a powerful hydraulic system. A new Doosan DL06K engine with EGR technology provides the power you need while meeting Stage IIIB environmental regulations.

Operating weight (with / without bucket)
12,110 / 12,720 kg
Bucket capacity
from 1.9 m³ to 2.0 m³
Engine type
DL06K - EU Stage IIIB compliant - EGR + DPF, Turbo-charged, air-to-air intercooled, direct injection common rail
Max. engine performance
(SAE J1995 gross)
119 kW / 128 kW at 2100 RPM
Max. torque
75 kgf/m (735 Nm) / 1400 RPM
Breakout force
121.5 kN
Static tipping load (straight / at full turn)
9,010 / 7,800 kg
Std. tyres:
20.5 R25 (L2)
Turning radius (tyre side / bucket edge)
5245 / 5815 mm
Height at bucket pivot point (std / long boom)
3860 / 4240 mm


  • High torque at low rpm for better response
  • Power up function via acceleration pedal
  • EGR technology provides simplified machine operation with automatic regeneration of DPF, to meet Stage IIIB regulations
  • Spacious, comfortable cab