Doosan Wheel Loader DL420 CVT-5 is equipped with continuously variable transmission (CVT). High loads at low engine speeds, in combination with high dynamics, are the outstanding requirements for any type of wheel loader operating cycle. DL420CVT-5 loader is your solution.

Hydrostatic-mechanical power split allows us to change the engine from Scania DC13 to DC09 as CVT maintains machine efficiency even at low engine rpm. This combination leads to minimum fuel consumption and maximum productivity, together with high driving comfort in two machine modes.

Operating weight
23080 kg
Bucket capacity
4.2 m³
Engine type
Scania DC09, Turbo-charged, 9.3 l displacement
Rated engine performance
(SAE J1995 gross)
311 HP (232 kW) @ 1800 rpm
Max. torque at rpm
1,830 Nm @ 1,200 rpm
Breakout force
210 kN
Static tipping load
(straight / 40°)
18,400/ 16,300 kg
Std. tyres
26.5 R25 (L3)
Turning radius
(tyre edge / bucket edge)
6,970 / 6,570 mm
Height at bucket pivot point mm
4280 mm


  • Stage IV engine compliance with only a selective catalyst reduction after-treatment.
  • Powered by Scania diesel engines optimized for use with a high-pressure common-rail fuel to deliver the best output efficiency.
  • Equipped with continuously variable transmission (CVT). In combination with DC09 Scania 5 cylinders engine, it leads to minimum fuel consumption and maximum productivity.
  • Auto-Idle & Auto-Shut-down functions to reduce fuel consumption and your operation costs.
  • An efficient cooling system (all made of aluminum) separate from engine compartments, variable-speed Reversing fan to provide the best cooling while optimizing fuel consumption.
  • Automatic limited slip differential to ensure work under any conditions and to prevent tire wear.
  • Z-bar linkage to provide significant breakout force.
  • Hydraulic load isolation system on lift arm to ensure the best operator driving comfort.
  • Comfortable cab: more space, class-leading visibility, an improved steering column setting, automatic air conditioning and ergonomic controls.
  • Electric joystick steering to ensure operator driving comfort and improve productivity.
  • Automatic greasing system to ensure better lubrication and to optimize machine lifetime.
  • Quick and easy maintenance: easy-to-reach test points, oil sampling ports, and engine and coolant drains. Monitor your Doosan equipment and manage maintenance to reduce operating costs with Doosan Connect Telematics system.
  • Doosan Connect — 3 Year Subscription.