Powered by a powerful Stage IV diesel engine, the DL420-5 wheel loader penetrates tough materials, tilts and lifts with ease, and carries more in every cycle. Performance features include a powershift transmission with optimised hydraulic pumps, multiple engine power modes, Z-bar lift arm, automatic return to dig, and limited slip differentials on both front and rear axles.

Doosan’s powered by the renowned Scania 9L & 13L engines designed for industrial engine segments, with long uptime, generous torque at low rpm, good fuel economy and excellent engine response.

Operating weight
(with / without bucket)
22,930 kg
Bucket capacity
4.2 m³
Engine type
Scania DC13, Turbo-charged,
12.7 l displacement
Rated engine performance
(SAE J1995 gross)
257 kW (345 HP) at 1800 rpm
Max. torque at rpm
1,600 Nm @ 1,300 rpm
Breakout force
210 kN
Static tipping load
(straight / 40°)
18,400 / 16,250 kg
Std. tyres
26.5 R25 (L3)
Turning radius
(tyre edge / bucket edge)
6,570 / 6,380 mm
Height at bucket pivot point mm
4,280 mm


  • Stage IV engine compliance with only a selective catalyst reduction after-treatment.
  • Powered by Scania diesel engines optimised for use with a high-pressure common-rail fuel to deliver the best output efficiency.
  • Selectable engine Modes (Eco, Normal & Power) to optimise machine response depending on precision works, lifting, loading or difficult digging jobs.
  • Auto-Idle & Auto-Shut-down functions to reduce fuel consumption and your operation costs.
  • An efficient cooling system (all-aluminium) separate from engine compartments, variable-speed Reversing fan to provide the best cooling while optimising fuel consumption.
  • 5-gear Powershift transmission with Lock-up function which provides a direct drive.
  • Automatic limited slip differential to ensure work under any conditions and to prevent tyre wear.
  • Z-bar linkage to provide significant breakout force.
  • Hydraulic load isolation system on lift arm to ensure the best operator driving comfort.
  • Comfortable cab: more space, class-leading visibility, an improved steering column setting, automatic air conditioning and ergonomic controls.
  • Electric joystick steering to ensure operator driving comfort and improve productivity.
  • Automatic greasing system to ensure better lubrication and to optimise machine lifetime.
  • Quick and easy maintenance: easy-to-reach test points, oil sampling ports, and engine and coolant drains. Monitor your Doosan equipment and manage maintenance to reduce operating costs with Doosan Telematics.
  • Telematics — 3 Year Subscription.
  • Options: Fingertip 3-lever control, High lift Z-bar, …