FAQ–What is AdBlue® ?

What is AdBlue® ?

AdBlue® is a non toxic, colourless, odourless, 32.5 % solution of urea and purified water. When injected into the exhaust flow, it turns the exhaust into nitrogen and water which are environmentally safe. AdBlue® is used as part of the SCR system to reduce the amount of NOx in the exhaust.

Where can I find AdBlue® and how is it used ?

AdBlue® is widely available at service stations. It is stored on the vehicle in a specially designed tank. The solution is injected into the SCR exhaust system at a rate of 3–5 % in relation to diesel consumption. This low dosage ensures long running periods without refilling and minimises the effect on chassis space.

Are there quality standards for AdBlue® ?

AdBlue® is a trademark of the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), which ensures that quality standards are maintained in accordance with ISO 22241 specifications. It is important that the solution be stored and handled correctly, as failure to do so can damage the SCR system, prevent the AdBlue® from working correctly and affect the vehicle warranty.

What happens if AdBlue® freezes ?

When inside the tank, the AdBlue® is warmed by the engine coolant. It is designed not to be affected by freezing temperatures. If it reaches its freezing point of -11°, the engine will continue to run while the fluid is defrosting and the machine will operate normally.

What is DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) ?

DEF is the worldwide operating fluid for SCR systems, also known as AdBlue® in Europe.