Doosan Solutions for Stage IV

Doosan uses different technologies and engine manufacturers to deliver the best performance and to ensure the lowest operating costs for every machine. The best option will be selected based on engineering characteristics and application requirements.

Engine choice

The solution provided by Doosan for Excavators, Wheel Loaders & Articulated Dump Trucks is a solution combining EGR+DOC+SCR. This is the case for the Doosan and Scania Engines (DL08, DC09 and DC13) used for our large Excavators, large Wheel Loaders and Articulated Dump Trucks, the Doosan engine (DL06) for 20-27t Excavators and Wheel Loaders, and the Perkins engine (1204F) for 14-18 t Excavators and the DL200-5 Wheel Loader.

No Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) is needed. This provides our products an advantage of less complexity versus competition using after-treatment technology via DPF.


Stage IV - Engine Choice