Stage IV - Overview

A company that grows along with society

Doosan prides itself on innovations that shape the future. For decades we have led the way by implementing strategies to build cleaner production systems, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, design more eco-friendly products and continually upgrade our environmental management.

The requirements focus primarily on Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) as these are most relevant for diesel engines.

  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) contributes to ground level ozone, commonly known as smog.
  • Particulate Matter (PM) consists of soot or unused fuel found in exhaust. This type of pollution gives dirty engine exhaust its black color.

The introduction of Stage IV standards in 2014 offered us another opportunity to provide our customers with products that meet their daily demands – high-performing, reliable and cost-efficient machines that operate with minimal impact on human health and the environment.


What is Stage IV?

Since 1999, a serie of emissions standards has been implemented as part of European Directive 97/68/EC. The directive has been defined and amended through various Stages by the European Commission.

Each Stage applies more stringent measures to address various pollutants. Stage IV has come into effect in 2014 and will almost eliminate NOx.