FAQ - Service

Below are questions relating to maintenance and service of engines which use SCR, EGR and DPF systems to comply with Stage IIIB:

SCR System

Will there be any change to service and maintenance procedures for Stage IIIB and Stage IV compliant engines?

This type of engine needs a change of the SCR system filter every 1000 operating hours.

What is the ratio between AdBlue® & fuel?

On average, the engine consumes 5 to 7% of AdBlue® in relation to fuel consumption. Actual consumption, however, is highly dependent on working conditions.

What happens if I run out of AdBlue®?

The system gives a warning if the level of AdBlue® in the AdBlue® tank is too low. According to legislation, it is not allowed to run the machine without Adblue®, as the engine would not be able to meet the emissions regulations. If the tank is empty, the engine torque is reduced.

Where can I find AdBlue® and how is it used?

SCR technology is used in On-highway trucks since 2007. The AdBlue® additive can be found locally and is typically available at service stations. The website “www.FindAdBlue.com” provides information where it is sold throughout Europe.

Do I have to use special oil?

The engine oil must fulfill the following quality requirements: ACEA E3, E4, E5 or E7 (E7 requires fuel with a low sulphur content). For engines not running on low-sulphur fuel, the TBN (Total Base Number) should be at least 12 (ASTM 2896).

Is there any change in the life expectancy of the Stage IIIB engine?

There is no change in life expectancy of Stage IIIB engines.