The DX57W-5 does it all on your work site:

Combines 360° rotation benefits for better visibility & adaptability to any work site, Brings the large hydraulic capacity of a tool carrier, Works in narrow spaces thanks to boom swing, Travels with unparalleled speed (up to 20 or 30 km/h, depending on country regulations). And combine all this with an extra reach of above 6 meters and huge lifting capacities, thanks to front axle lock & balanced weight distribution.

Plus, you get the comfort and reputation of Doosan heavy line excavators.

Operating weight
5,790 kg
Engine (SAE J1349)
42.5 kW / 2,400 RPM
1920 mm
Max. reach ground level (short / long arm)
6110 / 6400 mm
Max. digging depth (std / long arm)
3495 / 3795 mm
Max. digging force - bucket
4.2 t
Max. digging force - arm (short / long arm)
2.7 / 2.4 t
Travel speed
0 / 30 km/h


  • Comfort – spacious and comfortable cab
  • Performance – powerful digging performance
  • Reliability – long life components
  • Maintenance – easy service accessibility

The 42.5 kW (52.3 HP) Doosan D24 4-cylinder engine gives the DX57W-5 more power − plus, the availability of 3 power modes (Eco, Standard and Power) and 3 work modes (Digging, Breaker and Shear) improves controllability and versatility.

At the same time, depending on the mode of operation and the work being done, factory tests show a 15% increase in fuel efficiency. In addition to auto idle and fuel efficiency menus, a new ECO Gauge on the control panel helps the operator lower fuel consumption by providing real-time monitoring of fuel rate.

To maximise durability, the DX57W-5 is equipped with EM (Enhanced Macro-surface) boom and arm bushings − which are also much more effective than regular bushings when greased. Additionally, the boom and arm are connected with castle nut and split pin for a simple, robust, reliable system.

In addition to the normal trenching and groundwork jobs, the DX57W-5’s superior stability and lifting capacity allow the excavator to be used for applications such as truck loading and unloading and moving pipes and materials in the working area.

The DX57W-5 has a new 7-inch TFT LCD adjustable and user-friendly colour monitor control panel with a more attractive display and more functionality.

The new cab offers more space for the operator and the controls for various functions have been grouped together for better ergonomics. Other comfort features of the new cab include a fully automatic climate control system with more air nozzles and additional storage compartments.
The steering wheel can be positioned to suit the operator. The position and angle of the seat cushion, as well as the position of the consoles, can be adjusted independently of each other.