The DX19 is built around the operator and provides optimal ergonomics. The cab features large windows and narrow pillars to maximize all-around visibility, operator comfort and safety.

The hydraulic system makes the best possible use of the engine’s power. Fast cycle times, combined with smooth control of class-leading breakout forces, provide maximum productivity and versatility in operating a wide range of attachments.

For total peace of mind while working, the design features have been tested under extreme conditions, and the heavy steel gauge tailgate ensures extra durability.

Operating weight (canopy / cab)
1,781 / 1,894 kg
Engine (SAE J1349 / ISO 9249)
9.9 kW / 2,500 RPM
Width (undercarriage retracted/expanded)
980 / 1,360 mm
Max. reach ground level (Std. / long arm)
4,039 / 4,214 mm
Max. digging depth (Std. / long arm)
2,385 / 2,565 mm
Max. dumping height (Std. / long arm)
2,566 / 2,693 mm
Max. digging force – Arm (Std. / long arm)
10.4 / 9.3 kN
Max. digging force - Bucket
20.8 kN


  • Large and spacious cab with easy access
  • Large foot space with flat floor for easy cleaning
  • Ergonomic pedals and easy access to all controls
  • Digging forces and working range
  • Smoothness of the workgroup
  • Hydraulic performance