This new zero house-swing mini excavator with high lifting capacity is ideal for rental and urban construction sites with limited space. The DX17Z with canopy has strong digging force, a wide working range, and a smooth workgroup with high-level hydraulic performance for short cycle times. It comes with the usual Doosan durability and serviceability – always primary concerns for all our products.

Operating weight (canopy / cab)
1749 kg
Engine (SAE J1349)
9.9 kW / 13.3 HP
3450 mm
Max. reach ground level
3923 mm
Max. digging depth
2249 mm
Max. dumping height
2461 mm


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1.    Zero House Swing for working in limited space

The Zero House Swing (ZHS) design is a step above Zero Tail Swing (ZTS) because it fully protects the front upper structure within the swing circle. So you can work with confidence when space is limited.
•    ZHS provides 320° of free rotation while you work up close to any object;
•    DX17Z gives you the benefits of ZHS without sacrificing operator comfort or performance.

2.    High stability for maximum versatility

Stability is essential for making full use of digging forces and lifting capacities. With the DX17Z you have unbeatable stability in the zero house-swing class, giving you great versatility with a wide range of attachments. This stability is achieved by fully expanding the retractable undercarriage and using the long dozer blade:
Retractable undercarriage
•    When fully retracted, the undercarriage allows the excavator to go through narrow spaces; and when fully expanded, it provides optimum stability for the excavator, especially when working over the side. It’s easy to operate expansion and retraction – just flip the electric switch on the control panel.

Long dozer blade (option)
•    In addition to performing dustpan operations, the optional long dozer blade also significantly improves front stability, enabling you to make full use of the breakout forces the machines can deliver. Easy-to-operate durable blade extensions are also available.