Establishing an Industry Benchmark

DX225LC-3 is an all-round machine for residential to mid-sized building contractors and civil engineering jobs. It is the perfect excavator for loading, pipe laying, land clearing & even demolition.

• Less noise
• Enhanced visibility
• More digging power
• Improved fuel efficiency
• Increased tractive force

Operating weight
21,900 - 22,800 kg
Doosan DL06K
Engine power
124 kW / 167 HP at 1800 RPM
Main pumps max flow
2 x 115 l/min
Number of cylinders
Travel speed
3.0 / 5.5 km/h
Maximum traction force
14.9 - 27.5 t
0.39 - 1.28 m³
Sound level (internal / external)
70 dB(A) (ISO 6396)
Overall width
2,990 mm
Overall height (Std Front)
3,005 mm
Overall length (Std Front)
9,490 mm
Tail swing radius
2,790 mm
Bucket digging force
149.0 kN
Arm digging force (Std Front)
100.0 / 105.9 kN
Max. digging reach (Std Front)
9,885 mm
Max. digging depth (Std Front)
6,585 mm
Max. digging height (Std Front)
9,560 mm


• Spacious, newly designed, pressurised ROPS cab with low noise and vibration levels
• Fully adjustable heated air suspension seat as standard
• Large sun roof for extra overhead visibility
• Air conditioning with climate control
• Extra-large door for easy access


• Joystick and switches integrated in the control stand for precise operation. All switches grouped together and ergonomically positioned to the right
• Jog shuttle switch to control various machine functions
• 4 working and 4 power modes for maximum efficiency
• Proportional control (flow/pressure) to operate attachments smoothly and precisely
• New, user-friendly 7” TFT LCD colour monitor with full access to machine settings and maintenance data
• Rear camera and large side mirrors
• Inside cab microphone, air compressor, straight travel pedal, two pump flow & side camera (optional) 


• New powerful DOOSAN DL06K “Common Rail”, Stage IIIB compliant, EGR 6 cylinder engine
• e-EPOS System (Electronic Power Optimising System) and hydraulic power boost function for optimised combustion and minimised emissions
• Efficient conversion of engine output into hydraulic performance for better fuel efficiency and lower costs • Electronic fan clutch that reduces fuel consumption and noise level while improving cooling performance EASY


• Easy access to all maintenance components
• Maintenance data available directly from control panel
• Fuel pre-filter with water separator
• PC access for maintenance and repairs
• Self-diagnosis function
• Reliable Doosan parts
• Battery cut-off switch and increased capacity (150 Ah)