Top performance and fuel efficiency

The new DX490LC-5 takes even the heaviest tasks in its stride with efficient, dependable performance that saves you time and money. The improved hydraulic system uses the engine’s power more effectively, maximising pump output and offering more comfort, smoothness and accuracy. Increased digging power, lifting capacities and traction force combine for performance you can rely on, day after day. And in addition to the fuel-efficient Scania engines, new innovative and exclusive features have been introduced that together lead to huge reductions in fuel consumption – amounting to an average of -6% to -13% compared to the Stage IIIB machines – so you can reduce environmental impact while keeping costs down.

Operating weight
49,500 kg
283 kW (379.5 HP) @ 1800 rpm (SAE J1995)
Main pumps max flow
2 x 355 l/m
Number of cylinders
Travel speed
3.1 / 5.4 km/h
Maximum traction
38.8 ton
1.71 – 3.6 m³
Sound level (internal / external)
71 dB(A) - 106 dB(A)
Overall width
3340 / 2990 mm (Narrow)
Overall height (Std Front)
3705 mm
Overall length (Std Front)
12230 mm
Tail swing radius
3800 mm
Bucket digging force
27.2 t
Arm digging force (Std Front)
22.1 t
Max. digging reach (Std Front)
12125 mm
Max. digging depth (Std Front)
7790 mm
Max. digging height (Std Front)
11050 mm


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Performance: The performance of the DX490LC-5 has a direct effect on its productivity. Its new Scania engine and new e-EPOS controlled hydraulic system combine to create an unbeatable hydraulic excavator, with an excellent cost/performance ratio.

Maintenance: DOOSAN has developed the DX490LC-5 with a view to high profitability for the user – short maintenance operations at long intervals increase the availability of the equipment on-site.

Reliability: Durability of materials and longevity of structures are our first priorities. As the reliability of a machine contributes to its overall lifetime operating costs, DOOSAN uses computer-assisted design techniques and then tests the highly durable materials under extreme conditions.

Comfort: The work rate of the hydraulic excavator is directly linked to the performance of its operator. DOOSAN has designed the DX490LC-5 by putting the operator at the centre of the development goals. The result is significant ergonomic value that improves the operator’s efficiency and safety.

Handling: The hydraulic excavator's power, durability, ease of servicing and precise control increase its effectiveness and life expectancy. Doosan’s DX490LC-5 offers an excellent return on investment.