High track excavators

Now, two popular models available with High Track performance!

Stronger machines for tougher environments

Doosan is proud to announce the introduction of DX160LC-5 HT and DX180LC-5 HT… two new versions of our most popular mid-range excavator models with HIGH TRACK performance.

If you work in forestry – or other applications with ground debris and heavy objects – Doosan’s High Track configuration gives you higher ground clearance, a reinforced track frame, stronger traction force and even greater durability.

With these new models, you can move over tree trunks, rocks and debris, travel on unpaved roads and pull heavy objects in the harshest environments with total confidence. 

Operating weight (kg)
Engine power (kW / HP)
at RPM
Bucket capacity (SAE heaped, m³)
81.6 / 109
0.51 – 0.45
0.70 - 0.57