Rock bucket

The Rock bucket is available for machines ranging in size from 14 to over 52 tonnes. This bucket range is designed for tough overburden digging applications. Typically the material in these applications is dense
and/or abrasive in nature such as earth/rock, sand/clay, sand/gravel mixtures. The Rock bucket has an upgraded heavier cutting edge and teeth for increased strength. High abrasion-resistant materials and added reinforcements in critical areas, maximum durability and long life are core features of this bucket design.

Carrier weight
Bucket capacity
14t - 16t
0,225 - 0,75 m3
22t - 25t
0,28 - 1,21 m3
26t - 30t
0,56 - 1,66 m3
31t - 38t
0,65 - 2,16 m3
39t - 45t
0,98 - 2,49 m3
46t - 52t
1,08 - 3,03 m3

All-round durability and improved productivity

  • Diamond folded top section for excavators larger than 14 tonne for increased structural strength
  • Additional bottom wear straps are fitted to increase wear resistance
  • High abrasion-resistant materials of up to 450 BHN and added reinforcements in critical areas for maximum durability
  • Extra high side plates give greater strength and wear resistance in demanding applications