The DXB190H breaker package is designed to maximize breaking and demolition performance on Doosan excavators from 22 to 30 tonnes.  Offering exceptional power, efficiency and operational stability, the DXB190H  increases productivity by matching hydraulic capacity to the carrier to ensure consistent performance.

Carrier weight
22 - 30 ton
Operating weight
1815 kg
Tool diameter
142 mm
Operating pressure
180 bar
Max. average back pressure
17 bar
Flow (min- max)
120 l/min - 180 l/min
600 blows/min
Energy / blow
4000 J
Noise level
129 dB(A)


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Energy recovery system: The energy recovery system increases the striking power by using the energy generated when the piston rebounds. When the breaker is used on hard materials, the energy recovery system automatically increases the breaker frequency to optimize performance.

Unique valve system: The patented main valve controls the piston movement in order to optimize the striking power.

High quality piston and cylinder: The piston and cylinder are made of similar steel with the highest quality materials used in the European aerospace industry. The number of wear parts such as the piston and cylinder has been minimized to reduce replacement and maintenance cost. Fine tolerances minimize internal leaks and increase breaker efficiency.

Blank fire protection: A hydraulic cushion at the bottom of the cylinder bore slows and stops the downward movement of the piston. The dampening system protects against blank firing from the first blow.