Doosan Articulated Dump Truck

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With a payload of 40 metric tons, the DA40 is designed to handle a wide variety of mass excavation, mining and quarrying applications in the most challenging ground conditions. Whatever the work situation, the DA40’s new spacious cab offers superior operator comfort with low noise levels and modern convenient controls. A scissor-type tailgate is optional.

Scania DC13
6 in line cyl / 12.7 l
Gross power
500HP (368 kW) @ 2,100 RPM
Net power
483HP (360 kW) @ 2,100 RPM
Gross torque
2,373 Nm @ 1,300 RPM
Body volume (SAE 2:1) without tailgate
24.4 m³
Body volume (SAE 2:1) with tailgate
26.0 m³
Density index (SAE 2:1)
1.64 t/m
Gross weight (SAE 2:1)
70,300 kg
Net weight (SAE 2:1)
30,300 kg
Power to weight, empty
12 kW/t
Power to weight, loaded
5.20 kW/t
ZF 8 EP420 countershaft
8F / 4R
Max. travel speed forward
(1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8)
5 / 8 / 11 / 16 / 23 / 32 / 45 / 58 km/h
Brakes front
Wet disc
Brakes rear
Wet disc
Exhaust brake and transmission retarder
Body (floor - side - front)
400 BN (14 - 12 - 8 mm)
Total length
10590 mm
3475 mm
Load over height
3850 mm
Turning radius ISO 7457
8420 mm


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Productivity: Doosan ADTs offer the highest payload and the best weight distribution. Combined with superior power and traction, we offer you the best productivity.

Total cost of ownership: thanks to the combination of fuel-efficient powertrain, proven design, low-maintenance components, overall durability & unmatched traction, Doosan ADTs deliver one of the most competitive operation costs.

Power: new SCR & EGR Stage IV compliant Scania DC13 engine: 368 kW (500 HP) at 2100 rpm.

Operate at ease: improved monitor panel with multiple languages as standard, payload meter, gradient meter, rear view camera, diagnostic section, and other conveniences.

Comfort: access from the front for increased safety & visibility, lowest operator noise level, climate control, tiltable & telescopic steering, one key solution, and much more...

Upgraded design: improved vents with extra cooling capacity for operating in hot working environment.

Front differential: directly mounted on the transmission to eliminate wear parts (drive shaft), making the Doosan ADT shorter and more compact for working in tighter areas.

Automatic limited slip differential: push 1 button to engage the longitudinal differential lock.

Brake systems: oil-cooled wet disc brakes (lifetime up to 15,000 hours). Standard electronic engine brake, hydraulic transmission retarder & parking brake.

Total control: automatic & manual gear shift, power steering, finger operated body up & down lever, automatic engine & transmission brakes, central operator seat and simple touch pad with all functions.

New rear differential: more torque & power at lower engine RPM for improved fuel efficiency. Reduced vibrations extend drive shaft & bearing life.

Body: steel plates with 400 HB hardness. Capacity: 26.0 m³. Tailgate, body heating & wear plates available as optional equipment.

Safety: increased safety thanks to the gradient meter.

Service accessibility: increased access to engine & transmission, and the cab tilts back for superior access to all major components for service & maintenance.


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