Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty

Warranty Extension Programs allows you to cover your machine up to a total of 5 years or 10,000 operating hours with the choice of covering the total unit or only main components. These warranty extension programs provide to Doosan customers an added value to the cost of ownership and peace of mind.
In addition to the standard warranty, Doosan provides additional warranty coverage. The Warranty Extension Programs*.

Two types of extended warranty are available: Power train and Full Machine coverage.

Extended warranty applies to failures found during the coverage period due to a defect in material and/or workmanship.

Depending on the chosen Coverage Type (see your dealer for the complete list), DOOSAN reimburses the parts and/or labour and/or mileage at current existing warranty rate.


* Doosan Extended Warranty programs may vary depending on market.



Enhance your resale value from Doosan CSA (Customer Support agreements) carried out by authorized Doosan dealers.

Doosan is certifying the productivity and quality of the used equipment maintained by PSPP (Packaged Service & Parts Program) Certification. The qualified dealer can approve the used equipment under PSPP agreement as reliable used equipment by:

• Regular machine maintenance by qualified Doosan dealer
• Record & Submit maintenance history to the owner & Doosan
• Dealer’s final inspection to provide certification before sell-out
• Doosan dealer grant warranty on the certified used-equipment

The benefits from PSPP:

• Saving Money from
• Provide better machine performance
• Reduce the uncertainties from customer’s own maintenance and repairs
• Customer can get more time to focus on the business
• It can increase potential revenue and give more opportunity in the business
• Well maintained equipment has more higher resale value