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TKD 2018 in the Netherlands − Doosan has fun & success!

One of the year’s most influential fairs − TKD (Technical Contact Days) 2018 − was held from 31 May to 2 June 2018 in Almere, the Netherlands − and our 2 regional dealers proudly attended with Doosan machines. Despite the gray weather hovering over this outdoor event, Doosan’s stand was clearly one of the most visited!


The Doosan stand was managed by our regional dealers, Staad and Anema, who are responsible for the Netherlands. In total, 16 machines, including 5 test machines and 1 ADT, were presented in the demonstration area.

The highlight? The special rubber track

For Doosan, the highlight of this year’s TKD was the black edition model of the DX140W, with the special rubber track developed by Anema. Mr. Siep Anema (Anema’s Owner) proudly explained that this black edition was the result of hard work over a long period of time, and that it took a long time to find the optimal solution for the rubber track, which is now very practical and popular in the Netherlands.

The track supplier has developed these rubber tracks exclusively for Anema − and the machine was quickly sold to a customer who eagerly tested it before signing the contract. Mr. Anema added that more customers are interested in this machine, even at a higher price.

TKD 2018 in the Netherlands − Doosan has fun & success!

Enjoy the great video − with the bird’s-eye perspective − and especially the beautiful orange area in the middle!

TKD 2018 in the Netherlands − Doosan has fun & success!

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