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Intelligent Floating Boom Option

In combined movements with Doosan excavators, the floating boom option increases productivity and reduces fuel consumption. It is ideal for levelling, truck loading, rock scraping and work with breaker attachments. In addition, it reduces the stresses and vibrations transmitted to the machine.


There are two modes of intelligent floating boom.

image Floating Mode: boom is free to move up & down


image Breaker Mode: boom is free to move down only

All HEX models are suitable except the LCR variants.

The Floating Boom system works without pressure in the lift cylinders and works solely with the weight of the boom, like a single-acting hydraulic system.

This mode is used for soft work (using mulchers, compactors, etc.), finishing work (like cleaning up asphalt or concrete surfaces without causing further damage), or in combination with equipment such as grabs or breakers. Also recommended for loading rocks.

Benefits for the customer are:

  • • Reduces fuel consumption
  • • Easy to operate
  • • Increased productivity
  • • Limits shocks and vibrations when a breaker is used or while loading stone/rocks

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Product Manager.


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