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Doosan-installed SVAB for Wheeled Excavators

We are pleased to announce that Doosan’s DX140W-5, DX160W-5, DX165W-5, and DX170W-5 Wheeled Excavators are being equipped with new SVAB control system/joystick and Steelwrist quick coupler/tiltrotator options.


The new factory-installed SVAB/Steelwrist options are now available for the first time on the Doosan wheeled excavator range through Doosan Smart Solutions.

SVAB options

SVAB control system

The SVAB control system helps you increase your productivity when using a tiltrotator. The ergonomic joysticks deliver soft, flexible and simultaneous operation of numerous functions; and the joystick rollers control all the functions in the most precise way.

Wheel joystick steering

This function moves the excavator while you continue to perform a specific task with the digging arm. Makes the many small machine movements during the workday comfortable, easy and efficient. You turn the wheels with one roller on the joystick and control the speed with your foot.

Automatic digging brake

The automatic digging brake keeps your wheeled excavator completely still when digging. After gently braking the excavator wheels, the system locks the wheels and keeps them locked until you press the accelerator. (So, you no longer need to press the brake pedal to its locked position.) For safety reasons, the system can only be activated when the machine is set to low speed.

Gateway to MCS (Machine Control System)

This user-friendly interface lets you easily use the Auto Calibration and Positioning System (MACS) features to customize the digging options and receive full feedback on the bucket’s position, thus avoiding unnecessary earth-moving. So, you consume less fuel and maximize performance, as well as reduce the risk of broken pipes and cut wires.


Steelwrist options

  • • Steelwrist quick coupler and tilt rotators
  • • S60 quick coupler with front pin lock
  • • Direct fit X18 with S60 coupler
  • • Direct fit X18 with S60 coupler with gripper
  • • Sandwich X18 S60/S60
  • • Direct fit X20 with S60 coupler
  • • Direct fit X20 with S60 coupler with gripper
  • • Sandwich X20 S60/S60
  • • Sandwich X20 S60/S60 with gripper


  • • The same installation on all excavators simplifies field support
  • • Shortens the machine’s lead-time from factory to end-user
  • • Doosan quality assurance continues on all markets
  • • The correct joysticks are mounted, reducing waste
  • • The local workshop can support its customers instead of spending workshop time assembling tiltrotators and control systems.


*Order conditions can vary by region, please contact your customer service representative



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