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Doosan Auf Der Wasen German Dealer Meeting 2018

On 11th and 12th October 2018, 20 dealer representatives and 15 Doosan staff from various departments joined together to discuss how the potential of Germany needed to be addressed, in order to bring the appropriate focus on one of the biggest markets in Europe.



A tailor-made event for Doosan’s German network

Over the two days, the Doosan representatives took the initiative to have a ‘tailor made’ forum for its German network. Every Doosan staff member had therefore to fulfill one mandatory requirement: speak German!

The aim was to ensure that every participant could exchange and communicate without any translation requirement, from the topics that were presented to the subjects that were discussed.


From Malaga to future growth

The meeting highlighted the new implementations made by Doosan since the European Dealer Meeting in Malaga earlier this year, when the dealers shared their expectations about the areas for which they required increased support.

Since then, Doosan has worked on developing solutions to help facilitate dealer business, at the same time as adding four more dedicated employees to the current 19 ‘Germany specialists’.

Dealers also had the opportunity to:

  • • Learn about the new German Taskforce team that Doosan has implemented to increase its reactivity and improve its response time, which it launched over the summer
  • • Discover and vote for the future Germany advertising campaign
  • • Attend a presentation made by Sebastian Popp, VDMA representative, highlighting the current market trends, and the future prognoses
  • • Understand Doosan’s willingness to enhance its partnership in the Key Account area
  • • Receive information about the latest status of Doosan’s parts fill rate, newly implemented service kits and dedicated warranty campaigns
  • • Get a first insight into Doosan’s preparation for the BAUMA 2019 event.

Doosan wanted this meeting to be interactive, providing answers to the previously raised topics, and to gather even more to be addressed after the meeting.

The German dealers openly shared their views, clarifying all the areas they believe there is still room for improvement, and made this event a constructive and proactive one that will build a better future together.

In an ‘Oktoberfest’ mood


As it took place during the local ‘season’ festivities, the Germany Forum coincided with the regional Canstatter Volksfest event, where everyone enjoyed the traditional ‘Oktoberfest’ ambience.

Doosan colleagues, as well as several dealers, wore traditional outfits for the occasion:

  • • Dirndl for the ladies
  • • Lederhosen for the men


The traditional ‘Bier Zelt’, with its typical music and celebratory environment added a strong cultural atmosphere to the two days of the Forum.

Doosan would like to thank the German dealers for their active participation and positive mood during the two days, and we look forward to 2019 for more occasions like this to exchange and celebrate success.


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