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New Doosan DX180LC-3 Crawler Excavator Offers Increased Productivity and Fuel Efficiency

New Doosan DX180LC-3 Crawler Excavator Offers Increased Productivity and Fuel Efficiency

The DX180LC-3, the first of the new Doosan mid-range Stage IIIB compliant excavators, has been designed to exceed customer expectations for productivity, fuel efficiency, comfort, reliability, durability and reduced operating costs. The DX180LC-3 should appeal to civil engineers, contractors, utilities, rental companies and other customers looking to increase profits and return on investment on all types of earthmoving, digging, trenching, landscaping and other applications.

Higher Power and Fuel Efficiency

The DX180LC-3 excavator is powered by the Doosan DL06 ‘common rail’ 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine meeting Stage IIIB engine emission regulations through the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) after-treatment technologies. 

The Doosan DL06 engine runs at 1950 rpm and delivers 3% more power [91.2 kW (SAE J1349)] and 15% more torque (54 kgfm) than the engine in the existing DX180LC Stage IIIA model.  Factory tests show a 5 to 10% reduction in fuel consumption, depending on the operating mode selected and the work being undertaken. 

A new ECO Gauge on the control panel helps the operator to lower fuel consumption by providing real time monitoring of fuel rate and actual engine-percent load.  Two new operating modes (P+ mode: Power Plus and L: Lifting) improve controllability and efficiency. 

More hydraulic pressure and flow increase breakout forces and lifting capabilities while lowering cycle times. Highly responsive joystick controls improve the controllability and productivity of the machine.

Increased Operator Comfort 

The new ROPS and OPG certified cab offers more space (+6%) for the operator and several convenient features such as direct control through the joysticks, which have new proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons to provide precise, proportional control of attachments. 

A new 7-inch colour high quality visual control console offers an attractive display and excellent functionality.  All functions can be controlled both from the instrument panel as well as via a new jog/shuttle control next to the joystick, a feature exclusive to Doosan excavators.  A new function allowing the operator to select and set engine speed, hydraulic flow and pressure for attachments, with several preset positions, is a standard feature. The control panel offers a new ergonomic layout with the most used switches located within easy reach on the right hand console. 

The windows on the right-hand side of the cab have been enlarged, giving improved visibility to the right side of the machine.

A new high quality, heated air suspension seat can slide forwards or backwards through      160 mm, together with the right and left hand control stands.  Height and lumbar adjustment allow the operator to adjust the seat for optimum comfort.  A new cab suspension system cuts vibration by 20% and reduces the sound level in the cab to 70 dBA. 

The cab is pressurised to prevent particles from entering the cab. Lighting capability has been increased by 100% to facilitate working at night.  A side camera is available as a safety option.   Other features include fully automatic climate control, a USB port to play music and videos, and more storage compartments for paperwork and other items.

Durability and Serviceability

The new DX180LC-3 crawler excavator has a more robust undercarriage with reinforced components, including track links, track springs, and sprockets. The boom and arm have been strengthened by increasing the metal thickness at critical points and using reinforced bushings. 

The engine bonnet is split into four parts to improve serviceability, whilst components such as filters, valves and batteries are all within easy reach for service work. 

An electrically driven fan is automatically activated to keep the engine and hydraulic systems regulated at an optimised temperature.  This improves cooling efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.

As well as offering more standard features than other excavators of its size on the market, there is an expanded choice of options for the DX180LC-3.  These include a floating boom system for easy levelling and finishing work. The DX180LC-3 is available with either standard or narrow tracks; monobloc or articulated front working equipment; a dozer blade; and a high track configuration for forestry work.

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