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DX235NLC-5 Crawler Excavator with new 700 mm shoes option now available

Italy’s transport regulation makes Doosan’s DX235NLC Crawler Excavator ideally suited for the Italian market: where, for easy transportation, a machine should be less than 2.54 meters wide. In the rest of the countries of Europe, easy transportation is defined as less than 3 meters wide.



To be less than 3 meters wide, most of our machines need to be equipped with 600 mm shoes. But 600 mm is not wide enough for soft ground, as found, for example, in a forestry application.

Ideal for forestry applications
So, the DX235NLC equipped with 700 mm shoes offers a lot of advantages for forestry:

• Good lifting performance
• Good hydraulic performance (with optional 2 pump flow for forestry tools)
• 2.54 meter upper structure
• Good ground pressure with 700 mm shoes
• Good transportation dimension with 2.74 meters width

In Doosan’s range of machines, the DX235NLC equipped with 700 mm shoes offers the best combination of ground pressure, hydraulic performance, and transport dimension.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please feel free to contact your district manager!


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