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Aftermarket German Dealer Meeting Held in Halle, Germany

From 4 - 5 September, the 1.5-day Aftermarket German Dealer Meeting was held in the Parts Distribution Center (PDC) in Halle, Germany. 14 participants from 6 German dealerships attended the meeting, along with 7 DIEU colleagues including KJ (KyoungJin) Oh, Director of DIEU Aftermarket/Product Service.



KJ Oh started the meeting by welcoming the participants, and this was followed by a general presentation of the company and the Halle Parts Distribution Center and its performance.

Building credibility and confidence

Everyone was very interested in the PDC’s performance since its latest move and the DIEU organizational change. The PDC tour was very helpful in understanding the impact of the organizational change (dividing the business into Doosan and Bobcat) and the physically separate spaces and workflow. The PDC’s huge size and clean, well-structured set-up were more than impressive and built credibility and confidence.

After the tour, there was a session to discuss non-technical issues like the parts policy, Doobiz, claim handling and annual returns, etc. The questions coming from real users of our system were very clear and will help us further improve the system and service. During the dinner, there were lively exchanges among the dealerships, as well as with DIEU, in an open and casual atmosphere.

Listening to the dealers

The morning of the next day was devoted to GPES training and a Q&A session, which the system users in attendance found very helpful.

Martin Mueller, DIEU Halle PDC Operation Manager, said how pleased he was to have the opportunity to spend time with our dealers in Halle − to explain our Parts business and its logistics in detail, as well as to listen to the dealers themselves.

Improving partnership every year

Another meeting, with French dealers, took place on 6 and 7 September − and KJ Oh announced his intention to make this meeting annual to continuously improve partnership and cooperation with our dealers.


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