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New High Performance and Fuel Efficient Doosan 22 tonne Excavator

New Stage IIIB Model Offers Increased Controllability and Operator Comfort Doosan Construction Equipment has launched the new Stage IIIB compliant DX225LC-3 22 tonne excavator. In this new model, Doosan has gone much further than just meeting the Stage IIIB regulations with a new design that fully utilises the increased power available, providing a huge boost in every area including productivity, fuel efficiency, controllability, operator comfort, reliability, durability and serviceability.

Applications for the new DX225LC-3 excavator are very diverse, from clearing land for initial site development, excavating for foundations and trenching for utilities to earthmoving and maintenance work for highway, civil engineering and general construction projects.

Higher Performance 

The new DX225LC-3 excavator offers a substantial increase in performance compared to the previous generation machine:
• Traction force up by 8%
• A 10% increase in power, with 10% more engine torque
• An 18% reduction in fuel consumption and 13% increase in productivity
• Overall an 18% increase in the productivity/fuel consumption ratio
• Up to 7% increase in machine speed
• Up to 7% increase in bucket and arm forces
• An increase of up to 8% in lifting capacities

The DX225LC-3 excavator provides an optimum balance between displacement and engine power.  At its heart is a 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06K water-cooled diesel engine meeting emission regulations through the use of cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) after-treatment technologies.  Featuring a high-pressure common-rail design with direct fuel injection and electronic control, the DL06K engine has a power output of 124 kW (167 HP) at 1800 rpm.

High Power and Workload Output

The 124 kW DX225LC-3 excavator has an operating weight of 21.9 tonne with the standard boom and arm and a 0.92 m3 bucket.  Bucket breakout force is 15.2 tonne (ISO), while the arm breakout force is 10.8 tonne (ISO).  In the standard monobloc configuration, the maximum digging depth is 6.58 m and maximum digging reach is 9.8 m at ground level.  The latter figure rises to 10.1 m in the articulated configuration and to 15.3 m with super long reach front equipment installed. 

New hydraulic pumps and valves deliver higher hydraulic flow, which combined with a boost in system pressure, provides an overall increase in hydraulic performance, resulting in enhanced front and power functions, increased lifting capabilities, lower cycle times and higher breakout forces.  The combination of the new generation hydraulic systems and new highly responsive controls greatly improves the productivity of the DX225LC-3 excavator.

Increased Controllability and Operator Comfort

As in all Doosan new generation excavators, there has been a particular focus on improving operator comfort with further enhancements to the ROPS and OPG certified cab including expanding the space available for the operator by over 6%.  In addition, a seat-height lever and a tilting function are both incorporated in the seat to allow the operator to find an optimum seating position.

A new attachment select and setting function is a standard feature of the controls, with 10 recordable preset values.  The joysticks have proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons to provide precise control of attachments.  The controls have an improved layout, with the most important switches grouped together within easy reach on the right console. 

The versatile, mid-sized DX225LC-3 excavator features an electronic power optimizing system (e-EPOS), which provides optimum power and fuel efficiency via four power modes, auto-idle and machine diagnostics.  The new Power+ mode provides improved performance and faster work group speeds for heavy duty work. 

Operators can also work more effectively with the availability of four work modes, via the easy-to-read display monitor and precise control levers.  The four work modes - digging, breaker, shear and the new lifting mode – give operators maximum efficiency and fuel economy in specific applications.  In the new lifting mode, the increased pump torque, low engine rpms and automatic power boost provide extra muscle when lifting items such as pipes and concrete barriers.

A new 7-inch high quality, colour visual control console offers an attractive display and excellent functionality.  All functions can be controlled both from the instrument panel as well as via a new jog shuttle control next to the joystick, a feature exclusive to Doosan excavators.  Flow and pressure rate control are also standard for convenient and easy adjustment to match the requirements of every attachment.  A new ECO gauge on the control panel monitors in real time the rate of fuel consumption and actual engine-percent load to help guide the operator in selecting the best operating mode for fuel economy.

The cab is pressurized to prevent the ingress of dust and dirt.  Lighting capability has been greatly increased to facilitate working at night.  A rearside camera is standard and a side camera is available as a safety option.  An increased area of glass in the windows of the cab ensures the operator always has excellent all round visibility.  Other features include a fully automatic climate control system, a USB port to play music and videos and more storage compartments for paperwork and other items. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The frame, boom and arm have been reinforced for increased robustness.  As a result, the service life of the new DX225LC-3 excavator has been extended significantly, building on Doosan’s reputation for reliability and durability.

The new excavator has an easy-to-open, one part engine bonnet.  The DPF filter is securely locked in a dedicated compartment.  Filters, valves and batteries are within easy reach for service work.  A new electronic fan clutch further reduces fuel consumption and noise levels, while providing cooling system efficiency improvements, with cooling capacity increased by 10 to 15% compared to the previous generation machine.

As well as having more standard features than other excavators in this class on the market, the new DX225LC-3 excavator offers a greatly expanded choice of options. 

These include a new intelligent Floating Boom option that allows the boom of the excavator to ‘float’ up or down.  With this feature, the operator can focus more on the task in hand while decreasing the machine workload and increasing efficiency.  The float mode lets the boom move freely up and down without hydraulic flow, while the breaker mode allows the boom to freely move downwards, again without hydraulic flow.  A temporary reset button provides the ability to momentarily disengage the float modes, permitting hydraulic flow to activate the boom. 

A new straight travel option streamlines the travel and transport of the new DX225LC-3 excavator.  This feature is ideal for the straight forward-and-backward travel common in trenching applications, as it provides a single foot pedal in the front right corner of the cab floor that operates both tracks.  A dual pump option for heavy duty applications provides extra flow for high flow attachments.

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