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New Doosan 50 t Excavators Offer More Productivity, Strength and Fuel Efficiency for Heavy Duty Work

Doosan Construction Equipment has launched two new large Stage IIIB compliant crawler excavators in the increasingly important 50 tonne class, the 49 tonne DX490LC-3 and 52 tonne DX530LC-3 models, respectively.

Both new excavators offer the strength and productivity needed for heavy duty work such as large-scale earthmoving, moving rock, pulling down buildings, secondary breaking, loading haulers and pipeline projects found on quarrying and mining, highway, aggregate, demolition, utility and general construction projects. By combining high performance with excellent fuel efficiency, the new excavators provide an excellent return on investment for civil engineering companies, major contractors, quarries, opencast mines and other large excavator customers.

Leaders in the 50 Tonne Class

The new DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 excavators are designed to be leaders in their respective weight classes. The DX490LC-3 model is a very powerful machine with extra reach and stability allowing it to accomplish long cycles and heavy pulling work with ease. The wider undercarriage on the DX530LC-3 model produces exceptional stability and unmatched lifting capabilities. This is a mass excavation machine fitted with an extra heavy counterweight and a short front end to deliver more breakout force and tackle every tough digging job.

To power the new excavators, Doosan has chosen the well-proven Isuzu AL-6WG1X common rail, variable geometry turbocharge, 6-cylinder diesel engine utilising Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) technologies to meet Stage IIIB regulations. The new Isuzu engine provides 16% more power [290 kW (389 HP) at 1800 RPM], a 30% rise in displacement and a massive 41-50% increase in engine torque, compared to the previous DX480LC and DX520LC models. 

New hydraulic pumps and valves increase digging forces by 3-6 %, making both excavator models the best in their class.  In the DX490LC-3 model, the lifting capacities at ground level have increased by 5.5% and by up to 9% in the DX530LC-3 excavator. New travel and swing components contribute to an increase in drawbar pull by 15% on both models to 38,800 kg, offering the highest traction in their class. Swing torque in both models has increased by 23% to 15,880 kg.m and there is a 10% increase in the maximum travel speed to 5.8 km/h.

Heavy Duty Strength

To ensure heavy duty robustness, reinforcing plates have been added on the boom end. The shape of the boom end has been modified and the material for the boom main boss has been changed to cast steel to improve durability. Reinforcement plates on the inner boom and arm have been repositioned to improve structural strength. As a result of the additional reinforcement, the operating weights of the DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 excavators have been increased by 1600 and 1300 kg, respectively, compared to the Stage IIIA models. 

The heavy duty undercarriage on the new excavators features reinforced track links, track springs, sprockets and bushings. Both narrow (2.99-3.49 m) and wide (3.39-3.90 m) variable undercarriages are available for these models.  A unique feature in this class is the extended width of 3.9 m on the wide variable undercarriage, which provides more stability, particularly important when digging or truck loading from the side.

The engine bonnet on the excavator is in three parts to improve serviceability and ease of opening. Filters, valves and batteries are within easy reach for service work. The fuel tank capacity has been increased by 10% allowing the machines to be used for longer and the maintenance intervals for the hydraulic oil have been extended to 5000 hours.

Cooling Capacity Boosted

The new engine bonnet design on the excavators maximises air intake. A leading edge design Turbo centrifugal air pre-cleaning system is fitted as standard to eliminate dust. To improve cooling efficiency and reduce noise, the radiator and oil cooler are separate. The excavators have a new oil cooler hydraulic reversing fan, the revolution speed of which is set by the ECU according to the coolant, hydraulic oil and ambient temperature. This reduces wasteful fuel consumption and lowers noise during low speed fan revolution. As a result, the cooling capacity has been increased by 10 to 15%, compared to the previous generation machines.
Increased Fuel Efficiency

The e-EPOS electronic control system provides optimum power with improved fuel efficiency in all working operations. Two new operating modes (Power Plus and Lifting) improve controllability and efficiency with reduced fuel consumption.  Productivity (m3 extracted/h) has increased in all modes.  The ratio of productivity to fuel consumption (l/h) has increased by 9% in the standard (STD) operating mode of both machines. An overall reduction in fuel consumption has been achieved by a combination of:

• improved cooling efficiency
• an ECO gauge to provide fuel consumption guidance for the operator
• improved main control valves which reduce loss of energy and increase efficiency
• additional sensors for improved electronic management of pump/engine/mcv, allowing a more efficient selection of flow/pressure/rpm according to load requirements.

New High Comfort Cab 

A feature shared by all new Stage IIIB excavators from Doosan, including the DX490LC-3 and DX530LC-3 models, is the new ROPS and OPG certified cab, which builds on the excellent reputation of the cabs in the previous generation of Doosan excavators. The new cab design offers enhancements in space, seating, visibility, controls, storage and automatic climate management. A new cab suspension system helps to cut vibration by 20% and reduce the noise in the cab to 72 dB(A). Lighting capability has been increased by 100% to facilitate working at night.   A side camera is available as an option to optimise safety levels.

As well as offering more standard features than other excavators of their size on the market, the new excavators have a greatly expanded choice of options. In the DX490LC-3 model, there is a new optional 7100 mm long heavy duty boom and a 3350 mm heavy duty arm. Other options for heavy duty applications include dual pump flow providing extra power for high flow attachments.  Other new features are: a new two-mode floating boom system; a straight travel pedal; an oil-washed air cleaner; and added protection such as full length track guards.

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