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New Doosan 42 Tonne Crawler Excavator

The new Stage IIIB compliant DX420LC-3 large crawler excavator has been launched by Doosan Construction Equipment. Compared to the model it replaces, the new excavator offers several improvements, including a substantial boost in power, resulting in significant increases in performance specifications such as drawbar pull, arm and bucket digging forces and lifting capacities to provide a much higher overall productivity.

The DX420LC-3 excavator is designed to handle a broad range of applications such as heavy earthmoving, road building, civil engineering, demolition, quarrying and large scale material-handling.

Higher power and work output

The DX420LC-3 excavator is powered by the Isuzu AL-6UZ1X ‘common rail’ 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine meeting Stage IIIB engine emission regulations through the use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Particulate Filter after-treatment technologies. The new engine delivers 19% more power [270 kW (362 HP)] at 2,000 RPM with a 6% increase in engine torque.  
A new travel device in the DX420LC-3 excavator contributes to an increase in drawbar pull by 10%, a 5% increase in swing torque and a 10% increase in the travel speed.

New hydraulic pumps and valves have increased main pump flow by 6%, providing a combination of higher overall pressures and hydraulic flow for increased comfort, travelling performance, smoothness, power and improved attachment work.

A 9% increase has taken the system hydraulic pressure up to 350 bar, resulting in higher lifting capabilities, faster cycle times and higher breakout forces. Compared to the previous model, the front end lifting capacity has been increased by 14%, while side end capacity has been boosted by 2%. The arm/bucket digging forces have both been increased by up to 3%.

Overall, the hydraulic system on the new generation DX420LC-3 excavator improves performance and productivity, with highly responsive joystick controls that provide excellent true controllability for the operator.

Increased operator comfort 

A new ROPS and OPG certified cab offers more space (+6%) for the operator. Direct control through the joysticks, which have new proportional thumb wheel switches and integrated buttons, provides precise, proportional control of attachments.
A 7-inch colour high quality visual control console offers an attractive display and excellent functionality. All functions can be controlled both from the instrument panel as well as via a new jog/shuttle control next to the joystick, a feature exclusive to Doosan excavators. As a standard feature, the operator has access to a new attachment select and setting function, with multiple recordable preset values. 

A high-quality, heated air suspension seat reduces operator fatigue, while a new cab suspension system helps to cut vibration by 20% and reduce the noise in the cab to as low as 72 dB(A). The cab is pressurised to prevent particles from entering the cab.

Lighting capability has been increased by 100% to facilitate working at night. A side camera is available as an option. Other convenient features include fully automatic climate control, a USB port to play music and videos, and more storage compartments.

Lower total cost of ownership

Compared to the previous model, the operating weight of the DX420LC-3 excavator has been increased by a tonne to 41900 kg and the counterweight has been increased by 200 kg to 8200 kg. The heavy-duty undercarriage on the DX420LC-3 excavator features reinforced track links, track springs, sprockets and bushings. As a result, the service life of the machine has been extended significantly.

The engine bonnet is in four parts to improve serviceability and ease of opening. Filters, valves and batteries are within easy reach for service work. The fuel tank capacity has been increased by 14% and the maintenance intervals for the hydraulic oil have been boosted to 5000 hours.

Cooling capacity has been increased by 10 to 15% compared to the previous generation machine. The new cooling system offers separation of the radiator and oil cooler, plus independent hydraulic fans for the engine and oil cooler, resulting in much lower noise levels.

As well as offering more standard features than other excavators of its size on the market, there is a greatly expanded choice of options, including a narrow (3 m) undercarriage and a two-mode floating boom system. In the flotation mode, the boom is free to move upwards and downwards following the bucket and arm movements, whilst in the breaker mode, the boom is free to move downwards to maintain the optimum hammering effect.  

Options for heavy-duty applications include dual pump flow for high flow attachments; a     6700 mm long heavy-duty boom and a 3250 mm heavy duty arm; a straight travel pedal; an oil-washed air cleaner; and added protection such as dual track guards and full length track guards. 

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