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New Advertising Campaign puts Doosan on the Red Carpet

Doosan proudly announces the launch of a brand-new advertising campaign in 2014. With the baseline ‘Simplicity works when it comes to Doosan’, the campaign departs from past advertising and positions the brand as a strong competitor to the top-tier players in the construction equipment industry.


Discover Doosan

Doosan has been creating construction equipment for over 40 years – and yet, potential customers have asked Doosan to offer a price alternative to the expensive top-tier brand.

However, experience shows that, once prospective customers do try a Doosan product, they are extremely pleased with the quality, performance, comfort, simplicity, and price value versus the competition.
Thru development of products and the launch of a new generation of machines over the last two years Doosan became a noticed player on the European market.

The new advertising campaign not only reflects this progress, but also focuses on brand awareness and encourages prospects to (further) ‘Discover Doosan’ to embrace a real brand experience that will give them trust and confidence in the products. In turn, this will build trust in the Doosan brand.

Simplicity works

Doosan has chosen a very strong visual style to differentiate Doosan from the competition. The new advertisements look like action movie announcement posters, as the ads ‘premiere’ the latest models in Doosan’s range of excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks.

The message is clear: Doosan is a top-tier brand and a strong business partner offering truly reliable solutions to its customers for the machines they use every day.
By focusing on simplicity, with open-mind and solution-driven attitude and equipment that gets the job done without any fuss, Doosan builds long-term relationships.

Every machine is a hero

Doosan’s strategy is to design construction equipment that stands out from the crowd, with more innovative features than other machines on the market – from top performance, superior fuel economy and excellent versatility, to high operator comfort, easy serviceability, effortless controllability and unmatched durability.

Playing on the action movie metaphor, every machine is a ‘hero’ in its particular domain.

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