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New Generation Wheel Loader Quick Couplers Expand Doosan Heavy Attachment Range

New Generation Wheel Loader Quick Couplers Expand Doosan Heavy Attachment Range

Doosan has announced the launch of a new range of ISO 23727 type quick coupler systems for the company’s new generation Doosan DL200-3 to DL420-3 Stage IIIB compliant wheel loaders. For use with the new quick couplers, Doosan has also launched a new range of pallet fork and bucket attachments.

The launch of the new quick coupler wheel loader attachments is the latest expansion of the new Doosan Heavy Attachment range for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.  Offering a one-stop shop for wheel loader and excavator attachments, the Doosan Heavy Attachment range will be on show for the first time on the Doosan stand at Bauma 2013 and, as well as the wheel loader quick coupler products, other highlights include:

• A new range of pin-on wheel loader buckets
• A new range of excavator buckets and universal pin-on quick couplers
• An extended range of Doosan hydraulic breakers

All of the new Doosan attachments have been designed to match the key machine parameters and kinematics of Doosan wheel loaders and excavators to ensure optimum performance, visibility, stability and safe operation at all times.  All of the attachments are designed, manufactured, tested and approved in accordance with current international standards. 

New Quick Couplers for Doosan Wheel Loaders

The new Doosan wheel loader quick couplers offer a robust construction with high-strength steel for extended lifetime in the toughest conditions.  The open frame design lowers the weight of the couplers and ensures maximum visibility for the operator, with compact dimensions that minimise machine capacity and breakout force losses.  Safety is guaranteed by visual locking indicators, protected cylinder and ISO/DIS 13031.2 compliance.  The independent auxiliary circuit on the quick couplers allows full use of third or fourth functions for hydraulic attachments.

To complement the quick couplers, Doosan has introduced a number of new attachments including:

- Pallet forks with load capacities from 5 to 9 tonne
- General purpose buckets from 2 to 4.2 m³
- Heavy duty buckets from 2 to 4.2 m³
- Light material buckets from 3 to 6.5 m³

New Pin-On Wheel Loader Buckets

The new quick coupler range complements the new family of high quality pin-on bucket attachments for the Doosan wheel loader range.  The new pin-on buckets offer a combination of robust construction and excellent penetration capabilities, covering the full range of applications from light duty jobs to the most severe and arduous tasks. 

The large number of sizes and bucket types – encompassing General Purpose, Heavy-Duty, Rock and Light Material buckets - ensures maximum versatility and efficiency.  Every bucket is designed to fit specific models to match the key kinematic parameters of the wheel loaders. Critical bucket positions have been optimised to enhance digging and dumping performance.

The buckets are matched to the tipping loads of the wheel loaders for maximum stability and safe operation of the machine.  A perfect fit is guaranteed to ensure an easy and quick installation of the buckets on the wheel loaders without need for special connectors.  The operator has an optimal view of the attachment to ensure safety and ease-of-use. 

The design of the buckets is based on kinematics simulations which prevent collisions or kinematic lock-out and ensure the movement of the buckets is what is expected and is always completely under the control of the operator. The simulations also ensure forces are transferred correctly from the bucket to the carrier to facilitate optimum digging, crowding and dumping.

New Excavator Quick Couplers & Attachments

Available in a variety of sizes, the new range of Doosan excavator quick couplers and attachments has been approved for use on Doosan excavators from 14 to 52 tonne.   Each size of attachment is engineered in accordance with the specifications of the matching Doosan excavator to ensure the highest performance, efficiency and stability.

Doosan quick couplers allow the operator to change attachments comfortably from within the cab, saving up to 25% of total machine operating time compared to a direct mount system.  The coupler design matches the Doosan excavator to the bucket to ensure optimum rotation and digging performance.  The unique design of the Doosan quick coupler offers productivity, versatility and, most importantly, safety during operation and attachment changing. 

Doosan heavy duty grading buckets are available for excavators ranging from 14 to 30 tonne. The grading buckets have formed diamond folded top sections for additional strength with wear straps, weld-in cast side cutters and two web plates for extra rigidity.  The slim design of the bucket web plates provides more space for easier transport. The deep profile of the buckets makes them ideal for levelling and loading applications. 
The new attachment range includes a series of heavy duty construction buckets covering all Doosan excavator models from 14 to 52 tonne.  The buckets are ideal for general construction site work as well as for use in more demanding excavating conditions. 

The heavy duty buckets have a cast corner section and side cutters for increased protection against wear and tear.  They are ideal for digging soil, dirt and light gravel.  Other features include a diamond folded top section for greater structural strength; the use of high-quality, abrasion-resistant materials for longer service life; and bottom wear straps. 

The range of rock digging buckets, designed for Doosan excavators from 14 to 52 tonne, is intended for tough overburden digging applications in compacted surfaces and for abrasive material such as earth/rock, sand/clay and sand/gravel mixtures.  The rock buckets have a heavier cutting edge and teeth for increased strength.  Highly abrasion-resistant materials and added reinforcements in critical areas provide maximum reliability and long life.

Additional bottom straps increase resistance to wear. Other features include highly abrasion-resistant materials and reinforcements in critical areas for maximum durability.  Extra high side plates provide greater strength and wear resistance in demanding applications. 

Extended Hydraulic Breaker Range

Doosan has added two new models to the company’s range of hydraulic breakers for use on Doosan wheeled and crawler excavators from 14 to 34 tonne.  Like the existing DXB100H, DXB170H and DXB260H models, the new DXB130H and DXB190H hydraulic breakers offer superior power-to-weight ratios to provide very efficient reduction of rock, boulders, concrete and other demolition waste, as well as excellent excavation work.

Suitable for excavators up to 22 tonne, the new Doosan DXB130H breaker has an operating weight of 1090 kg and a blow energy of 2700 J.  Designed for use on Doosan excavators from 22 to 30 tonne, the DXB190H breaker has an operating weight of 1815 kg and a blow energy of 4000 J. 

All Doosan breakers are intended for demolition, construction and mining applications, offering several important features including a simple, robust design providing both economical and reliable performance, low maintenance costs, operator comfort and carrier protection.

DXB technology ensures the carrier is protected from the effects of pressure peaks. The breakers include an energy recovery system and a patented valve system, increasing overall performance; a high quality piston and cylinder manufactured to precise tolerances; and an advanced dampening system to protect the breakers against blank firing. The close tolerances of the parts used in the breakers result in lower maintenance costs.

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