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New 71.5 tonne Doosan DX700LC crawler excavator

New 71.5 tonne Doosan DX700LC crawler excavator

The new DX700LC is designed and built to meet the needs of heavy duty mining and quarrying applications as well as major infrastructure construction projects. It offers several features to give optimum value to the end-user thanks to outstanding productivity, superior comfort for the operator, enhanced reliability, durability and maximum uptime.

The long carriage (LC) design, in combination with the undercarriage expanded to its maximum working width of 4000 mm, offers optimum stability and safety in all kinds of digging, lifting and loading applications.

Working range and digging force
To meet the requirements of different markets, three arms of varying length are available for the DX700LC. Equipped with as standard with a 2900 mm arm, the DX700LC offers a maximum digging depth of 7765 mm, a maximum digging height of 12,040 mm, a maximum digging reach of 12,720 mm and a dump height of 8220 mm.  The minimum tail swing radius is 4090 mm. Digging force over the bucket is 34.8 tonne, while that over the arm is 33.5 tonne.  The power boost feature increases both forces by about 10%.  Thanks to high swing torque (22,070 kgf.m), the DX700LC can work efficiently on slopes.  Maximum swing speed is 7.1 RPM.

The DX700LC is powered by the 6-cylinder “common rail” Isuzu AH-6WG1XYSC turbocharged diesel engine providing 345 kW (463 HP) at a maximum governed speed of 1800 RPM. The maximum torque is 202 kg.m at 1500 RPM.   The high-pressure fuel injection system with exhaust gas recirculation improves efficiency at the same time that particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced. The e-EPOS electronic control system provides optimum power at reduced fuel consumption in all working operations.  

Advanced hydraulic system
Together with the engine, the hydraulic system of the DX700LC is designed to provide exceptional performance with economy of fuel consumption. A new mode control system provides the optimum power and efficiency for all operating conditions.

Operator comfort
Like all Doosan excavators, much attention has been given to operator comfort and safety.  The DX700LC has a very spacious operator cab, equipped with ergonomic controls and instrumentation. Special attention has been given to keep noise to a minimum.  The noise level at operator ear is 76 dB(A) while the noise level for bystanders is a low 108 LwA.

Reliability and Durability
All components and assemblies are designed, built and tested to ensure durability.  Multi-stage filters and features such as track guards, the auto grease system and greased and sealed track links are designed to provide superior reliability and a long service life.  

Engine service intervals are 500 hours and the DX700LC also shares the extended lubrication intervals of the whole Doosan excavator range. Lubrication is simplified thanks to a centralized front grease point, and the dipper arm grease inlets are grouped for easy access. 

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