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New Doosan 22.5 t Excavator, only 2.5 m wide

Doosan has launched a new narrow width crawler excavator, the DX235NLC which, equipped with mono boom, weighs 22.5 tonne. Just 2.54 m wide, the DX235NLC excavator meets the transport width specifications of road regulations in certain countries such as Italy, without compromising on performance and productivity. The reduced width DX235NLC excavator also provides operators with extra confidence for working in confined spaces on inner-city projects or housing developments.

The DX235NLC offers a combination of features including a heavy counterweight (4.7 tonne in the mono boom and 5 tonne in the articulated boom version), reinforced 12.5 mm shoe plates and an over-dimensioned front body section. The oversized boom and counterweight in the DX235NLC provide higher lifting performances than other excavators in the 21 to 24 tonne category.

At 7.3 tonne at 6 m reach and at 3 m height, the front lifting capacity of the DX235NLC model is best in class as well as the side lifting capacity of 4.55 tonne at 6 m reach and 3 m height.  Compared to the narrow version DX225NLC excavator, the DX235NLC has larger boom and bucket cylinders. These provide an arm breakout force of 12.6 tonne and a bucket breakout force of 15.2 tonne, respectively.  Bucket capacities range from 0.92 to 1.28 m3.

The Doosan turbo-charged 6-cylinder DL06 Common Rail diesel engine provides a reliable and constant power output of 110 kW (155 HP) at 1900 rpm and a maximum torque of 667 Nm @ 1400 rpm.                  

The DX235NLC combines maximum productivity with precision and fingertip control. The load sensing piston pump and the closed centre valve enable exceptionally fine metering of hydraulic flow for smooth, precise control of machine functions, while reducing hydraulic noise. The boom and arm cylinders are cushioned to provide a smooth, end-of-stroke operation.  

The DX235NLC has the latest generation cab design, providing maximum comfort and precision for the operator. The operator cab offers superior ergonomics, excellent all-round visibility, perfect control and easy access for maintenance. The view of the rear of the machine is helped by the standard rear view camera.  Visibility has also been enhanced to the corner of the tracks.  The ability to see instrument readings has been optimised by a new 7 inch TFT LCD user-friendly coloured monitor. 

The DX235NLC continues the Doosan reputation for excellent serviceability and low maintenance costs.  The majority of the parts in the DX235NLC are shared with the DX225LC excavator. The power and cooling capacity of the engine of the DX235NLC have been increased, with radiator and pumps separated to avoid obstruction of the radiator.

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