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New 24 tonne Doosan DX235LCR excavator

The DX235LCR crawler excavator is designed to meet the continually growing demand for reduced radius crawler excavators for work near buildings and in confined areas. The trend towards reduced radius machines has been accelerated by the space premium on construction sites and, in particular, with road and rail construction, the requirement to keep adjacent lanes and track open while working alongside them.

The DX235LCR combines maximum productivity with the ability to carry out jobs with precision and fingertip control. The load sensing piston pump and the closed centre valve enable exceptionally fine metering of hydraulic flow for smooth, precise control of machine functions, while reducing hydraulic noise. The boom and dipper arm cylinders are cushioned to provide a smooth, end-of stroke operation.    

The auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure allow the use of all typical attachments available on the market.

Operator comfort

The DX235LCR is equipped with a modern spacious operator cab, including use of ergonomic controls and instrumentation. Features contributing to operator convenience and comfort include a rear view camera and a straight travel pedal for trenching. 

One area that has been given particular attention is that of meeting the low noise levels achieved on other Doosan excavators.  The noise level at operator ear is 71 dB (A) while the noise level for bystanders is a very low 101 LwA.


Engine service intervals are 500 hour and the DX235LCR also shares the extended lubrication intervals of the whole Doosan excavator range. The water trap and the engine oil filter are both located in the hydraulic pump bay for easy access from the ground level.

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