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Doosan Quarry and Mining Equipment at Steinexpo - Stand Number C17

Doosan DX520LC

At Steinexpo 2011, Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment will exhibit crawler excavator, wheel loader and articulated dump trucks from the company’s comprehensive range of heavy equipment. The combination of these different types of machines offers a one-stop solution for quarries, mines and construction sites covering excavating, loading and transporting applications from general earthmoving to the production of aggregates and all other types of construction materials.

Doosan DX520LC crawler excavator
In the DX520LC crawler excavator, power is provided by the Doosan DV11 six-cylinder engine having common rail fuel injection and rated at 245 KW (328 HP) when operating at 1800 rpm.  Each cylinder has four valves which helps to improve gas flows and, combined with common rail, results in better combustion and greater fuel efficiency overall.

Doosan’s Electronic Power Optimising System e-EPOS connects the engine to the excavator’s hydraulic system via a CAN communications link, helping to ensure optimum power settings are used in respect of the different demands made during digging and loading cycles, and fuel is saved as a result.  The EPOS also has responsibilities for providing a self-diagnosis to enable any technical problems to be identified and to keep an eye on maintenance and oil changing intervals.

With e-EPOS, the operator is provided with a power mode which makes 100% of engine power available for heavy work, and there is a normal operating mode which can be selected for general excavation, loading or lifting tasks.  Typically, many operators will choose to use the full power mode to provide extra power when working in quarries, for digging out shot blasted rock and loading it into the crusher/graders.  In addition, in the all important hydraulic department on the DX520LC model, two variable displacement axial piston pumps have a combined maximum flow rate of over 700 litres/minute.  Relief valve settings for the boom arm and bucket are 314 bar in normal mode and 343 bar in power mode when extra operating force is required.

Helping to making efficient use of all the hydraulic power available is a boom and arm flow regeneration system.  This stores the energy created by oil being pressurised as the boom and arm are lowered and makes it available again when they are raised.

Complementing its output potential, the DX520LC also offers an impressive 10.75 m reach and 9.6 m digging height, enabling it to reach and dress the edges of shot blasted areas in quarries.

Doosan DL500 wheel loader

The DL500 wheel loader is the largest model in the Doosan range, which consists of seven models with standard bucket capacities from 1.9 to 5.1 m3.  Key features of the DL500 include exceptional productivity at lower cost, reliability, comfort and ease of maintenance.  With a bucket capacity of 5.1 m3, the DL500 is designed to offer exceptional performance in terms of ease of handling, power, serviceability and durability.  It is intended to meet a wide range of material-handling needs from loading and transporting granular material (such as sand and gravel), to industrial, mining and quarrying applications.

The DL500 has a static tipping load with bucket of 23.0 tonnes (at maximum reach with a straight frame) and a height at bucket pivot point of 4.58 m.  Equipped with a pin-on bucket with teeth and tipped forward at 45°, the dump height is 3.12 m and the dump reach is 1.43 m.

Breakout force is among the highest in its category at 268 kN, an important feature for a machine of this Z kinematic class, providing a higher stripping force when working in the hardest materials. Two working modes (standard and economical) are available to optimise the consumption/productivity ratio and adapt the loader to the work at hand.

There are 4 travel speed ranges forwards with maximum speeds of 6.2, 11.5, 18.0 and 35 km/h and 3 travel speed ranges backwards with maximum speeds of 6.2, 11.5 and 24.4 km/h.

Doosan MT41 articulated dump truck

The MT41 articulated dump truck is the largest model in the 4-model range. Doosan articulated dump trucks are reliable and cost-effective, offering important advantages, including fuel efficiency with a lower cost per tonne of transported material than competitive trucks. Powered by the 331 kW (450 HP) Scania DC12 diesel engine, the MT41 has a payload of 38 tonne. 

The Doosan MT41 truck features wet multiple disc brakes offering exceptionally long service life and sealed protection from the environment. Permanent 6-wheel drive ensures equal power distribution and superior traction while the free-swinging rear tandem bogie and the special articulation system offer excellent driving performance in uneven and difficult terrain. The articulation hinge is positioned behind the turning ring to ensure equal weight distribution, even during a maximum turning radius, ensuring maximum contact between the tyres and the road.

Doosan articulated dump trucks are optimized for extreme off-road performance. The agile undercarriage ensures that Doosan trucks can drive on terrain where other trucks may struggle to follow and also perform just as well on normal construction sites such as road works and mass excavation hauling.

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