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Doosan Infracore Norway celebrates 40 years of permanent 6-wheel drive

This year, Doosan ADT is celebrating its 40th anniversary: 40 years of permanent 6-wheel drive. The factory in Elnesvagen, Norway, hosted a customer event on 29th August. Over 50 dealers and customers from Germany, Italy, USA, Canada, Saudi-Arabia, Norway and Russia were invited to participate in the celebration of this amazing milestone.

Since the launch of the new DA series last year, and the Doosan take-over, more units have been sold into more countries than ever experienced before.  What a difference from 1972, when the first D15 with permanent 6 wheel drive truck came off the line!

Stefan Brosick, General Manager of Doosan Infracore Norway, opened with a welcome speech.
All dealers and customers present were introduced to the latest changes in the product line, and evidence was given how and why the ADT is a perfect match for Doosan excavators and wheel loaders to increase the overall productivity. It was also pointed out that the Doosan network offers its support by providing worldwide parts distribution centers.  ZF, one of the factory’s longest running suppliers, gave an in-depth presentation of the updated range of ADT transmissions. Most importantly, however, all were able to meet and spend some time with the amazing people of the factory, who design and build these great products.

Not only could all customers enjoy a comfortable ride in the DA30 & DA40 on the test track, but they were also able to try out the machines themselves. The demo area, specially built for such events, allowed them to feel and enjoy the power of the 500 PS DA40 going at 60 km/h. For most of the customers, this was the highlight of the day!

To end the first day with a high, all customers were taken up to the magical Bergtatt mountain, where barges took them deep into the heart of the mountain. When they returned to the factory, a barbeque in true Norwegian style was organised, with a line-up of trucks showing the range from 1972 to 2012. Live music was brought by factory employees.

Prior to the celebrations, the factory announced a name change from Doosan Moxy AS (DMA) to Doosan Infracore Norway AS (DIN).  Both factory and production remain the same, with no change to its ownership. This name change not only illustrates Doosan’s intentions to further integrate the facility into the Doosan group, but also reinforces Doosan’s presence in the ADT market. It can be backed up by other investments that have taken place this year, such as a new production line and a shot blasting facility. Further investments will be announced shortly.

Ewen Gilchrist
Director Global Sales and Marketing ADT

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