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Van Werven Group Purchases New Doosan Excavators

Van Werven Group Purchases New Doosan Excavators

The Van Werven Group, based in Oldebroek, Holland, started out in 1945 as a one-man agricultural contractor. Now, 65 years later, it has grown into a major services company in waste collection and processing, energy and raw materials, and infrastructure. Cor van Werven, Director of Infrastructure, talks about the company today, where it has come from, and its close relationship with Ro-Ad B.V., the Doosan heavy equipment dealer in Barneveld.

Cor van Werven is from the third generation of the van Werven family working in the business. He recalls: ”Grandad, Willem van Werven, started his business in the aftermath of World War Two, in December 1945. He was into everything: contracting for agricultural projects, transportation and land reclamation, some retailing and buying and selling agricultural machinery. It all went pretty well; well enough for the business to keep growing and provide enough to invest in new equipment. Uncle Willem, which was what everyone called him, bought the company’s first wheel loader in 1969.”

“The company’s structure changed in 1977 when Grandad’s sole proprietorship was incorporated into a private company. My father, Hendrik, and my uncles, Gerrit and Jan, joined the company. And then things expanded quickly. The company carried out a number of takeovers and buy-outs, including that of the Elberg-based hauler, Klein, in 1978, and then Baltes in Zwolle in 1995 and Schilder in Kampen in 1997. This increased our activities in waste collection and hauling considerably.”

Soon after his father died in 2001, Cor and his two brothers took on more responsibility within the company. “The drive to expand continued,” Cor says. “One after the other, we took over Post Afvalservice, Heicom, B. den Besten, Beijeman Recycling and Dekker Transport. Our range of services grew enormously from all of these acquisitions. And so did our personnel. With 260 employees, about 170 working as equipment operators and drivers, we became a specialized service provider for local works and super-regional projects in earthmoving, road and hydraulic engineering, forestry, residential and nonresidential construction, waste collection and processing, hauling, biomass and plastics recycling. Our customer base includes individuals, small and mid-size companies, various levels of government, infrastructure and building contractors, and industrial companies involved in energy and plastics.”

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