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Doosan DX140W Wheeled Excavator Test - BouwMachines magazine

Six cylinder Common Rail engine with plenty to spare The latest version of the Doosan DX140W wheeled excavator once again confirms the reputation of the Common Rail 6 cylinder engine design. Complementing the smooth high performance and low fuel consumption, the cab has been improved to provide greater benefits for the operator. It is larger, with greater operator visibility and additional comfort. Come along for a test drive!

The 15-tonner is far and away the most popular type of wheeled excavator on the market. As an illustration, Doosan’s DX140W model makes up 75% of Dutch importer Ro-Ad’s total sales of mobile equipment.  “And this is really quite logical,” says Cor Verbeek of Ro-Ad. “Tracked equipment was used much less during the economic crisis, simply due to the lack of long-term, large-scale projects. But there was work for more mobile equipment that can be quickly deployed in any location. We even have customers buying new wheeled excavators while leaving their tracked equipment idle.”

Better sight lines and roomier

Market demand alone made testing the DX140W from Doosan a good idea. But when we first set eyes on our test machine, it took some careful inspection to spot the new features. At first sight, the new Doosan DX140W does not look all that different from the predecessor we first met in the 2008 Construction Equipment Multitest. But once in the cab, the differences became obvious, first of all in the improved visibility and spaciousness. These are achieved by the somewhat larger headroom and more vertical window frames that increase the space between driver and windshield. The right-hand window also contributes to the feeling of spaciousness. It now extends almost down to the cab floor for improved visibility on the right side of the machine. The crossbars between roof and windshield are also slimmer than before. To accommodate the increased cab headroom, the cab’s built-in skylight protection has been replaced by an adjustable roll bar.
Not immediately obvious, but something you will appreciate in an emergency: the solidly filled uprights at the rear of the cab. These result from the rollover protection (ROPS) modifications recently made by Doosan. 

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