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New DAF Road Show Trucks for Bobcat and Doosan

Everyone knows the Bobcat logo. The image of the North American wild cat is a symbol of agility and compact strength. The logo is now featuring on a new DAF demo truck that Bobcat has bought from Cosmo Trucks. A second new demo truck bears the logo of Doosan, the Korean owner of Bobcat and together the trucks are attractive new vehicles for use by company demonstrators.

The new machines are eye-catching, just like new cars. So it comes as no surprise to see this picture of four demonstrators from Bobcat/Doosan standing proudly with broad smiles with the DAF salesman and instructor in front of the two new DAF Road Show Trucks.  The two Super Trucks were purchased for appearances at trade fairs and demonstration sites throughout the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa). Both made an appearance at the end of April at the Cosmo Trucks facilities in Doetinchem.

Emissions requirements

Robby Bosch, a long serving Bobcat demonstrator, explains why the new vehicles were purchased: “We had already run up 300,000 kilometres on the old Volvo demo truck, though it was definitely not worse for wear. A good truck that could still have gone on for some time. But something that you come up against more and more in Europe is that the engine exhaust must meet current emissions requirements or you’re just not going to be allowed to enter villages, towns and cities.
And that has made things pretty difficult for us when visiting a lot of shows in the EMEA region. And why did we purchase the trucks in Doetinchem? That’s really simple. It had to be a DAF, Cosmo Trucks is based in Doetinchem, and I live in Heerenberg, just ten kilometres further down the road.”
The explanation becomes even more logical  since the completion of the order, assembly and painting of both trucks was co-ordinated in close consultation between Robby and the DAF dealer. The sale of both vehicles involved Cosmo sales advisor Henry Berendsen, no stranger to heavy equipment buyers, and instructor Henk Marsman, who is also responsible for refresher courses for the DAF dealer.

The Little and Big Colossus

The smaller truck, but to tell the truth, the one with the best logo, is intended as a demo vehicle for Bobcat. This 4x2 has an XF105.410 engine with maximum power, as the model number denotes, of 300 kW/410 hp. It has a GVM of 18,600 kg: front axle load is 7,100 kg and rear axle load 11,500 kg.
The second truck is the colossus in terms of power and is intended as the demo vehicle for Doosan and has an XF105.510 engine providing 375 kW/510 hp. This 6x2 truck has a GVM of 26,500 kg: its front axle load is 7,500 kg and rear axle load 19,000 kg.
Other than the hardly surprising fact that both vehicles feature beautiful paintwork and a stunning logo, a few other details stand out.  One is that a refrigeration unit has been fitted on the driver’s side of the truck. Normally this is located in the cab between the driver and the passenger. Having it on the outside is a lot handier when the truck is at a show or the demonstration site.
Looking head-on, the high-beam headlamps on the front of the grille stand out. These also come in handy in remote and poorly lit areas  when setting up or dismantling at a show. DAF claims they are unique. One thing that is definitely unique is the Super Space Cab featuring sufficient headroom for demonstrators to get changed standing up. There are two beds in the sleeping compartment, but these are generally not used. Not only does the driver have a pneumatic seat, but his colleague also enjoys one of his own.
The drivers for both trucks are the four demonstrators from Doosan/Bobcat. The well-known Robby Bosch and Robin den Reijer and Czech demonstrators Tomas Mrkvicka and Zdenek Bruzek. Both trucks are registered in the Czech Republic. One of the newest Bobcat factories is located there, too.

Broshuis low-loader

The Bobcat truck will use the existing trailer while a new Broshuis low-loader is being built for the Doosan truck. This is a three-axle unit with a pit so that the machine being transported can be placed as low as possible so that demonstrators can carry machines up to 37 tonne in net weight. Apart from a few of the “whoppers” in the range, this means they can handle the entire current line of Doosan excavators and wheel loaders.
Cosmo Trucks is part of Koops-Furness and in addition to DAF represents the Ginaf, Fiat Professional and Mitsubishi Futso brands. Along with its locations in Northern and Central Netherlands, Cosmo also operates in Finland and Sweden.

BouwMachines 2012 - Peter Tomberg

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