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Loughran Rock Industries Purchases First Doosan DX700LC Excavator in UK & Ireland

The first Doosan DX700LC 70 tonne crawler excavator in the UK and Ireland has been sold by Northern Excavators, based at Hillsborough in Northern Ireland, to Loughran Rock Industries in Armagh, Northern Ireland.

Loughran Rock Industries supplies a range of rock products for every project need.  From traditional primary aggregates to a range of secondary and recycled materials, the range of products available from Loughran Rock includes concrete aggregates, high PSV materials, rail ballast, drainage materials, sub bases, rock armour and surface dressing chippings.

With the arrival of the new machine at Loughran Rock, the company has been able to replace two 50 tonne excavators at the same time as increasing production levels to the required levels.  In addition, there are deep beds of shale at the quarry which can now be excavated using the larger DX700LC excavator.   

Company owner, Patrick Loughran, said: “The new DX700LC excavator is the largest in the range of Doosan crawler excavators and is designed and built to meet the needs of heavy quarrying and other similar applications. The gritstone we produce is a quality product that is pretty abrasive to deal with, so you need a machine with the power and durability offered by the DX700LC to load the stone day in, day out to meet productivity targets.

“Once we’ve drilled and blasted out the rock, the DX700LC excavator continuously loads the gritstone into two 60 tonne rigid dump trucks which take it to our crusher plant for use mainly in the production of concrete and asphalt.” 

Loughran Concrete specialises in the delivery of ready mixed concrete to DIY and trade contractors carrying out small and medium sized jobs, mainly foundations, slabs, bases, driveways and garage bases throughout Armagh and the surrounding areas.

The new DX700LC excavator is just the latest in a long line of Doosan products purchased by Loughran Rock since 1995, always with excellent support and technical assistance from Northern Excavators and Doosan.  Over the last 17 years, Loughran has purchased a wide selection of Doosan products from Solar range excavators and Mega range wheel loaders to the more recent DX140LC excavator and DL400 wheel loader products.      

Largest Model in the Doosan Range

Complementing the state-of-the-art design, the DX700LC excavator provides optimum value to the end-user thanks to outstanding productivity, superior comfort for the operator, enhanced reliability, durability and maximum uptime. The long carriage (LC) design, in combination with the undercarriage expanded to its maximum working width of 4000 mm, offers optimum stability and safety in all kinds of digging, lifting and loading applications. 

Equipped with the EU-approved 2900 mm arm, the DX700LC offers a maximum digging depth of 7765 mm, a maximum digging height of 12,080 mm, a maximum digging reach of 12,715 mm and a dump height of 8180 mm.  The minimum swing radius is 4090 mm.  Digging force over the bucket is 33.3 tonne, while that over the arm is 27.0 tonne.  The power boost feature increases both forces by about 9%.  Thanks to high swing torque (21,940 kgf.m), the DX700LC can also work efficiently on slopes.  Maximum swing speed is 7.1 RPM.

Together with the engine, the hydraulic system of the DX700LC is designed to provide exceptional performance with economic fuel consumption. A new mode control system provides optimum power and efficiency for all operating conditions:
Power Mode:   heavy duty digging and loading
Standard Mode:  heavy duty dumping, general, and operation of a breaker flow distribution control (boom, swing, priority, etc.)
Economy Mode: medium duty digging, loading and dumping
Lifting Mode:  lifting of pipes or beams

The load sensing piston pump and the closed centre valve enable fine metering of hydraulic flow for smooth, precise control of machine functions. Flow regeneration conserves energy and enables increased boom and arm cycle times.  Both the boom and arm cylinders are cushioned to provide a smooth, end-of-stroke operation while the holding system prevents attachments from falling when the controls are in the neutral position.

An automatic 2-speed travel system controls travel speed and tractive force.  There are two travel speed ranges with a maximum speed in low range of 2.9 km/h and a maximum speed of 4.6 km/h in high range.  Drawbar pull is 48.9 tonnes.
Operator comfort

Like all Doosan excavators, much attention has been given to operator comfort and safety.  The DX700LC has a very spacious operator cab, equipped with ergonomic controls and instrumentation. Special attention has been given to keep noise to a minimum by improved sealing of the engine compartment and extensive use of sound-dampening materials.  The noise level at the operator ear is 76 dB(A) while the noise level for bystanders is a low 107.7 LwA.

Reliability and Durability

All components and assemblies are designed, built and tested to ensure durability.  Multi-stage filters and features such as track guards, the auto grease system and greased and sealed track links are designed to provide superior reliability and a long service life.  


Engine service intervals are 500 hours and the DX700LC also shares the extended lubrication intervals of the whole Doosan excavator range. Lubrication is simplified thanks to a centralized front grease point, and the dipper arm grease inlets are grouped for easy access.  The water trap and the engine oil filter are both located in the hydraulic pump bay, which is easy to reach from the ground level.

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