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Discovery Channel Shoots MegaWorld Segment at Doosan Moxy in Norway

In early August 2010, Discovery Channel Canada contacted Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment to inquire about filming Doosan Moxy for a segment on their show MegaWorld. MegaWorld is a Discovery Channel Canada production that airs globally on Discovery Channel and their affiliated channels. MegaWorld is a fast paced program that showcases innovative science and technology – the biggest, the best and the latest achievements - in science and engineering. Each episode of the show focuses on a country or a region. MegaWorld was in the process of planning an episode focused on Norway and, through their research, they learned Doosan Moxy utilizes some of the largest robotics in Scandinavia for the manufacturing of articulated dump trucks (ATD). MegaWorld was very interested in includingDoosan Moxy in the episode.

After two months of planning, a three person crew for Discovery Channel Canada arrived in Molde, Norway

The Discovery team planned to film six other locations in Norway including: SINTEF in Trondheim, the Laerdal Tunnel, the SIMLab crash test facility at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the Royal Norwegian Mint, Ulstein shipyards, the ski jumping tower at Vikersund, and the Norwegian Search and Rescue Air Ambulance squad. The crew was greeted in Elnesvågen at the Doosan Moxy plant by Stefan Brosick, GM Doosan Moxy, Martin Henoen, Plant Manager and Harald Kyllo, Material Controller. Upon arrival, the crew seemed a bit tired and unimpressed by the standard office building – until a giant Doosan Moxy MT-41 came thundering around to the front of the plant. It was immediately clear the crew had a renewed sense of excitement about the truck and the presence it would capture on-screen. The first day of shooting was outside filming the truck driving through water, over bumps, performing tight figure eight turns, loading with dirt, dumping dirt and navigating extremely rough terrain only suitable for a Doosan Moxy truck. The crew came prepared with high definition cameras, boom microphones, lighting and specialized cameras mounted to the Doosan Moxy truck. Some of the coolest shots included a splash camera mounted on the fender of the truck and a ground camera they drove over with the truck. Day 1 wrapped up around 7pm as the sunset behind the Norwegian mountains.

Day 2 focused on the plant and the manufacturing process. The team at Doosan Moxy staged a number of truck components in different phases of the manufacturing and assembly process.
The Discovery Channel crew filmed the giant welding robots, rear axel assembly being mounted to the chassis, they filmed the assembly of the cabin onto the frame, the mounting of the giant wheels and many other steps in the manufacturing process. At each step along the way they interviewed Doosan Moxy employees who explained the process. It was very clear throughout the two days of filming the employees at Doosan Moxy are very proud of the work they do and are excited to have their factory and product filmed for television.
It was amazing to see the tremendous amount of work and craftsmanship that goes into building our impressive Doosan Moxy trucks – not to mention the amount of work it takes to produce seven minutes of television. The Doosan Moxy episode of MegaWorld on Discovery will air globally in the summer of 2011. Stay tuned for more updates (and watch for more information about MegaWorld filming a future episode in South Korea featuring a Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction nuclear power plant manufacturing facility).

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