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An extra-ordinary success story: Bobcat CZ of Czech Republic joins Doosan dealer network

The plaques on the wall of Director Petr Hejduk’s office at Bobcat CZ’s headquarters testify to milestones achieved over the years since Petr attended the Bobcat product school in September 1994. Most meaningful are the awards for customer care and top dealer in Central Europe. For Bobcat CZ has earned an enviable reputation for the quality of its aftermarket service and literally built up its business over the years by focusing on service and customer care.

The origins of Bobcat CZ go back to the mid-1990s when Petr Hejduk started out as a salesman for Clarklift Ost, the German-based dealer responsible at the time for sales of Bobcat equipment in the Czech Republic.

Bobcat CZ, a.s. was founded in November 2000.  At first, the company was located in leased facilities. By August 2002, the company had established enough business and amassed enough capital to open a brand-new 3,800 m²   headquarters office and workshop at its present location just north of Prague.  At the time, the Vltava River traversing Prague was overflowing its banks, subjecting the city and areas adjacent to the river to the worst flooding in memory.  To help with the clean-up work, Bobcat CZ donated a Bobcat MT50 mini-track loader to the city of Prague.

Two years later, the entire investment in the new facilities had been paid for in full, thanks to the revenues received from aftermarket, service and rental. 

Petr explains, “The heart of our business has always been focused on aftermarket service. In the decades previous, under communism the main challenge for Western suppliers of equipment to Czechoslovakia was supporting the products in the field.  So we understood from the start how important it is to back up the products you sell with parts and service.  Today there are more than 35 service vehicles available to take the service to our customers wherever they are in the Czech Republic.  Calls are typically handled within just a few hours of their coming in.”

In 2008, a new office and service outlet of some 3,600 m² , Bobcat branded, was opened in the Brno area.

To meet the growing demands of its customers, Bobcat CZ has taken on over the years other lines of equipment, including, in 2007, the Portable Power products.  At the beginning of 2010, Bobcat CZ became a dual-brand dealer, complementing Bobcat Compact with Doosan Heavy equipment.

Today the company operates 9 outlets in the Czech Republic and has nearly 70 employees, including 10 sales representatives and nearly 50 qualified service technicians.  The ratio of service to sales personnel again illustrates Bobcat CZ’s emphasis on service.  Two parts depots with a total inventory value of 650,000 euros are located in Prague and Brno.  The company rental fleet, which consists of 130 machines and nearly 70 hydraulic attachments, is strategically located in depots covering a substantial area of the Czech Republic.

Like virtually all businesses in the construction machine industry, sales and revenues decreased significantly in the years after 2007, a record year.  After 3 years of declining revenues, they are now increasing and the company expects to finish the year on a level just under that achieved in 2005.  Importantly, revenues from service, parts and rental helped greatly to offset the sharp downturn in sales of new equipment.

While the Bobcat brand is very well known in the Czech Republic, Doosan is virtually unknown.  Thanks to its solid reputation, Bobcat CZ sold earlier this year 3 large Doosan wheel loaders to APB Plzen, the largest construction company in the Czech Republic.  It is expected that this first important sale of Doosan machines will lead to many more.  Petr explains: “We expect future demand to mobilize significantly around larger machines, such as Doosan Heavy excavators, wheel loaders and even some ADT products.  We foresee this as being the most significant area for growth in the years to come, in addition to rental, where demand typically centers around smaller machines.”

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