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New Doosan ADTs on Scottish Colliery Reclamation - Fuel Economy, Drive Power and High Comfort

New Doosan DA40: The 'Best in Class'

Three new Doosan DA40 40 tonne articulated dump trucks (ADTs) have been purchased by Land Engineering Services Ltd (LES), based in Wakefield, Yorkshire, for use on the company’s Comrie Colliery Reclamation Scheme in West Fife in Scotland. The Doosan DA40 trucks were supplied by Filtermech Plant Sales Ltd, the Authorised Doosan dealer for Yorkshire, also based in Wakefield.


The former Comrie colliery site is recognised as the largest area of post-industrial dereliction in West Fife.  A combination of contaminated land, large areas of hard standing associated with the former colliery pit head area and a 40 metre high burning colliery waste bing mean that in excess of 100 hectares of countryside are currently unfit for any conventional countryside use.  

The LES project involves using a fleet of equipment including the Doosan ADTs to extradite over 680,000 tonnes of coal through the working of the 52 hectares of the coal resource, whilst using revenues from the extraction to treat the spontaneous combustion on the bing; the reprofiling and removal of dereliction on the bing; the treatment of contamination in Bickram Wood and the former Rexco smokeless fuel plant and the creation of a new wetland habitat for great newts on the north of the site.

LES is one of the country’s leading operators in land restoration and surface mine projects such as that at the former Comrie colliery site.  Often based at abandoned collieries, the work carried out by LES helps to transform industrial dereliction into farmland, woodland, grassland and amenity land.  Established in 2003, LES has expanded rapidly since 2008.  Over the last two years, growth has exceeded 250% per annum and the company now has a turnover of over £9 million.  LES operates four sites in England and Scotland and directly employs over 45 staff.


‘Best-in-Class’ Fuel Economy

The Doosan DA40 ADT has an increased body capacity of 24.4 m³, and the payload has been boosted to 40 metric tonne without tailgate, an increase of more than 15% over the payload of Doosan’s previous MT41 model.  The higher speeds and payloads will allow customers to increase profits from their mining, quarrying or earthmoving operations.

The market-leading features of the DA40 truck impressed in a range of competitive tests carried out by LES which demonstrated the superior fuel economy, rough terrain ability and operator comfort offered by the DA40 model and formed the basis of the decisions behind the purchase of the DA40 trucks. 

Dean Devine, a Director at LES, said: “In one of the tests we carried out, the fuel efficiency of the DA40 was compared to that of an equivalent model from another manufacturer and we found that the DA40 used up to 10 litres per hour less fuel on the applications we typically carry out.”

The DA40 ADT is powered by the 6-cylinder Scania DC13 Stage IIIB compliant diesel engine with a gross power output of 368 kW (500 HP) at 2100 rpm, offering a 10% increase in engine power compared to the previous Doosan MT41 model.  The increased engine power is combined with SCR technology to further lower fuel consumption.

Also contributing to the overall 8% reduction in fuel consumption is the new ZF transmission offering 8 forward and 4 reverse speeds.  The new transmission improves the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels for outstanding traction.  To withstand the increased power, the driveline dimensions and cooling capacity of the truck have been increased. Overall, the DA40 combines the ‘best-in-class’ fuel consumption with a higher top speed of 58 km/h (36 mph).


‘Best-in-class’ Rim Pull

Dean Devine added: “In another test we conducted in the thick wet clay we have at our project in Tadcaster in Yorkshire, the DA40 greatly outperformed other ADTs on the site in terms of its ability to drive and manouevre in the heavy conditions.”

With a 22% increase in gross torque to 2373 Nm (1750 lb ft) at 1300 rpm over the previous MT41 model, the torque available in the DA40 is ‘best in class’ in the ADT market.  Thanks to the high engine power and torque, the improved ground clearance and the efficient powertrain, the DA40 delivers ‘best-in-class’ rim pull in extreme hauling conditions. 

The DA40 also has permanent 6-wheel drive for equal power distribution while the free-swinging rear tandem bogie and the special articulation system offer excellent driving performance in difficult terrain.  The combination of the unique tandem bogie and the sloping rear frame results in ‘best in class’ rough and soft terrain capabilities and avoids the need for electronic aids such as traction control.


Operator Comfort and Convenience

Continuing, Dean Devine said: “The DA40 also scores very highly in terms of operator comfort.  We have had a number of different operators driving the new ADTs and all of them agreed that it was the comfiest cab they had ever been in.”     

The DA40 has a completely new cab providing more space and improved visibility for the operator, ‘best in class’ noise levels and a fully automatic climate control system.  For easier operation, Doosan has introduced new electronic systems and simplified fingertip controls with a digital display of all desired machine functions.


More about Filtermech Plant Sales

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the construction equipment market, Filtermech offers the full range of Doosan Heavy products including ADTs, Crawler Excavators, Wheeled Excavators and Wheel Loaders. The company stocks a full selection of genuine Doosan accessories and parts to support every machine in the field and can support these with flexible and comprehensive service agreements, depending on the requirements of the customer.

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