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High Performance for Doosan DX235LCR Excavator on Confined Space Demolition Contract

Klaus Anthes, owner of a company with the same name, specialising in demolition, transport and earthworks, has carried out a challenging demolition contract on a family house in Eppstein in Germany, using a new Doosan DX235LCR Crawler Excavator. The project provided an impressive demonstration of what can be achieved with this 24 tonne reduced radius model even in the tightest of spaces.

Limited Space and Excellent Stability

The demolition work presented a number of challenges. The property is an old house, located not only on a hillside in Eppstein, but also right next to a narrow road. Therefore to ensure that the flow of traffic on the road was not disrupted during the demolition work, the excavator could only be used within the property itself. Furthermore, the building that was intended to take the place of the house had to be built on the existing natural stone cellar, which had to protected from damage during the demolition work. The same rules applied to the garden, which is located behind the house and is a protected natural area.
To meet these special requirements, Klaus Anthes decided to rent a Doosan DX235LCR Crawler Excavator with a sorting grapple from Bobcat Bensheim GmbH & Co. KG. The 24 tonne model has a particularly short radius design with only 18.5 cm of overhang and a swing diameter of just 3.99 m, allowing the contractor to work in very confined spaces.

Anthes, who operated the Doosan DX235LCR machine himself, was impressed by its performance and features: "The reach and stability of the excavator were crucial on this project. All of the demolition work had to be carried out from the front yard. That meant we needed a machine that could reach up to 8 m into the property while still having excellent stability to stand securely on the slope at the site. The Doosan excavator also has the advantage that its arm can be fully retracted and that made it easy for us to turn in this confined space."

Precise Control Saves Time

Overall, the demolition of the family house required the removal of about 200 m³ of rubble, wood, metal and other debris. But the waste material was fully sorted before final disposal from the site. "Thanks to the precise and sensitive controls on the excavator, we were able to save valuable time. In fact, we used the sorting grapple to sort most of the waste material during the demolition work itself," explained Klaus Anthes. The contractor needed only 15 hours with the machine to complete the demolition work and the construction of the new building began immediately thereafter on the remaining basement.

A Satisfied Doosan Customer for Years

Klaus Anthes, who founded his company in 1995 and today employs 30 people, is a very satisfied customer for the Doosan range of excavators. He has been a customer of Bobcat Bensheim since 2008, since when he has purchased 14, 25 and 30 tonne Doosan crawler excavators, as well as purchasing two Bobcat compact excavators.  In 2007, Bobcat Bensheim and its locations throughout Germany became a company branch for Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment. Since then, the company has been renting and selling the heavy machine product line from Doosan alongside the Bobcat line of compact machines.

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