Doosan in action


Doosan Excavators Help Build Polish Skyscraper

Doosan excavators have been at the heart of the construction of the new 212 m tall Sky Tower in Wrocław in Poland. The Doosan excavators have been used by family-owned contractor, Miazga, both in the demolition of the 24 storey Poltegor building that formerly stood on the site and for 15 metre excavations for the foundations for the new 212 m tall Sky Tower. Miazga has also recently completed another prestigious earthworks contract using Doosan excavators for the new stadium in Wrocław being built for the Euro 2012 Football Championship.

Director, Marcin Miazga, said: “Miazga has been a Doosan client for more than ten years. The first machine we purchased was a 300LCV model from the Daewoo range subsequently purchased by Doosan.  For the Sky Tower project, we used a combination of Doosan DX140LC, DX225LC, DX300LC, DX340LC and DX480LC excavators. 

“When the investor purchased the Poltegor plot and planned the construction of the Sky Tower complex, there were several initial concepts, which included integrating the Poltegor building within the entire complex.  In the end, due to the construction and functionality of the building and also for fire safety reasons, it was decided that it did not lend itself to the layout of the new complex. So the investor took the decision to demolish the existing tower to free up the plot and hence commissioned its deconstruction.  For the demolition of the Poltegor building, we worked on a number of scenarios such as blast and manual demolition, but for a building of this size and, bearing in mind the completion date agreed, which was six months, after numerous deliberations, we excluded the blasting method, which could get out of hand, given the high density of neighbouring buildings, and we had to ensure safety".

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