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DOOSAN machines pave the way for a new shopping center in Erfurt, Germany

Doosan machines were largely used for demolition and loading work and for feeding the mobile demolition system

The Gebrüder Kirchner GmbH Company of Elxleben in Germany is relying on Doosan machines for the demolition of a cultural and recreational center on the Moskauer Platz in Erfurt, Germany. Three crawler excavators, a wheeled excavator and a wheel loader from Doosan are being used for the job.

The cultural and recreational center was opened on Erfurt's Moskauer Platz in 1984. The three-story concrete building with its restaurant, two halls, a library, a bowling alley and other rooms offered 7,000 residents on the Moskauer Platz and many other people from Erfurt an extensive variety of activities. The center was closed in 1997 and, after many years of vacancy, has now been torn down. A modern neighborhood shopping center is to be developed on the site by Easter 2014.

A period of eight weeks was planned for the demolition. Within this time period, Gebrüder Kirchner GmbH has ripped down the concrete building, recycled the demolition debris and subsequently compressed it for reuse in the new building.


Reliable in continuous operation
To do this job, Gebrüder Kirchner GmbH chose two Doosan DX300LC excavators, one of which is a new Tier IIIB compliant-3 model, a DX255LC-3 crawler excavator, a DX190W wheeled excavator and a DL420-3 wheel loader. The machines were largely used for demolition and loading work and for feeding the mobile demolition system. They were in action for eight to twelve hours each day and proved to be very efficient during this time.

André Kirchner, the company's managing director, had the following to say: "We purchased all the machines over the past two years. After our extremely positive experiences with the first Doosan machines in regard to performance, reliability and the comparatively low diesel consumption rate, and also our great satisfaction with the service provided by BVG Dachwig, we decided again on Doosan for our new purchases."


The machines
The DX300LC-3 is powered by a Doosan DL08K common-rail six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that meets Stage IIIB engine EU emission regulations through the use of EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) after-treatment technologies.  The engine delivers an output of 159 kW at lower speed of 1800 RPM.

With an engine power of 138 kW, a standard boom plus dipper arm and a bucket volume of 1.1 m3, the DX255LC-3 has an operating weight of 25.08 tons. The bucket breakout force is 17.9 tons (ISO) and the arm digging force is 12.8 tons (ISO). The engine powering the DL420-3 Doosan wheel loader is a six-cylinder Scania DC13 SCR and delivers 264 kW at 1800 RPM. The loader has a bucket-loading capacity of 4 m³ and three engine operating modes: ECO, NORMAL and POWER. Depending on the operating mode, the machine can be adjusted to the respective application with the help of different engine speeds and gear stages. 


Gebrüder Kirchner GmbH
The Gebrüder Kirchner GmbH Company was founded in 1997 and today employs a workforce of approximately 50 people. The core business of the company, headquartered in Elxleben, Germany, are demolition, transport and recycling.


BVG Dachwig
An important reason for deciding on Doosan machines was also the BVG Dachwig dealership. Its fast, reliable service coupled with competent and conscientious customer advisory services convinced Gebrüder Kirchner GmbH that it had found the right business partner in this company, founded in 1991. As it has been an authorized Doosan dealership since 2003, BVG Dachwig definitely has the requisite experience in Sales and Service for Doosan construction equipment.

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