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12-hour Daily Challenge for Doosan DL350-3 Wheel Loader

Trans-Crispi is a family business with over 15 years of experience in concrete supply, excavation, container rental, waste management and transport (Waste Board approved) and public works. The company is based in Flix (Tarragona) and runs its own concrete plant, which guarantees an excellent product.


“One of our main activities is currently sludge extraction from a well-known chemical plant located in the same town," says Antonio Ortega, director of Trans-Crispi. "This material is extracted daily and placed in our containers, which are transported to a landfill operated by Trans-Crispi, where the material is dumped. We purchased a Doosan DL350-3 wheel loader for this application.

We previously had another brand of wheel loader, but we needed one with a higher bucket capacity for sludge removal tasks, to fully optimize our work. We also needed a tougher machine because this work is quite harsh, with 12 hours a day on average. The Doosan DL350-3 wheel loader is an excellent model in terms of bucket capacity, static tipping load capacity and standard equipment, which is very complete and technologically advanced.”

“We discovered this model through the “Bobcat Of” area distributor, as we also have Bobcat compact equipment. The main qualities we noticed in the DL350-3 wheel loader were its robustness and fuel efficiency, which are highly valued by any business today. The operator particularly appreciated the optimum visibility from the machine's cab and its breakout force.”

“The Doosan DL350-3 wheel loader will be working at the landfill and the concrete plant, loading materials into containers and trucks or transporting them at our facilities. It will also be used to perform tasks for our clients, such as the sludge removal jobs mentioned above. In this case, our main mission with the wheel loader is to clear the sludge from a chemical plant producing dicalcium phosphate, which is used in animal feed. We remove over 4,000 tons of sludge from this facility every month." “

“We are very pleased with the machine's performance so far. Its power, load capacity and speed are well balanced. We are also happy with its safety levels, as this model includes all the necessary equipment required under European regulations.”
“The Doosan wheel loader is a valuable addition to our large fleet of machinery and transport vehicles. We've had wheel loaders from other manufacturers but find this latest evolution of Doosan wheel loaders very positive in many regards.”

The new generation Doosan DL350-3 wheel loaders, equipped with Stage IIIB-compliant Scania engines (5-cylinder DC09 SCR engines delivering 202 kW at 1800 rpm), was designed and manufactured to provide maximum value. It offers excellent performance and productivity levels, combined with ease of use, simple maintenance and appreciable fuel savings. This gives the wheel loader a greater autonomy, resulting in higher productivity.

Other features worth highlighting are its breakout force, high stability, and new, more efficient ZF transmission equipped with an automatic, latest-generation LSD axle (optional manual/automatic DHL), 5 gears and torque converter cut-off activated automatically between 2nd and 5th gear. Thanks to the new ZF axle, tire wear is very low.
The DL350-3 wheel loader is also equipped with a closed-center, load-sensing controlled hydraulic system, with central lubrication as a standard feature. The cab is more comfortable and spacious and provides better visibility.

There is also a wide range of convenient, easy-to-use attachments with quick couplers, enabling the same machine to perform an incredible variety of tasks, with applications in industry, recycling, sand and gravel pits, and more.

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